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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Magazine] Shindig! #85 (November 1, 2018)

[Magazine] Shindig! #85 (November 1, 2018) 

Shindig #85 Nov 2018 badfinger
Shindig #85 Nov 2018 wywh
Shindig #85 Nov 2018 jac

Shindig #85 Nov 2018 cover


It's Chris ThoMas Time! [Something About the Beatles, ep-154] (2018)

The long-awaited conversation with producer Chris Thomas, recorded at the White Album Symposium in Monmouth University. 
Something About the Beatles ep-154:
It's Chris ThoMas Time! (December 25, 2018) 
Something About The Beatles

00:01:50-  (Just a Chance
00:48:40-01:09:00  talking about Badfinger 
(Lonely You, In the Meantime/Some Other Time, Dennis) 
01:31:00- (Know One Knows


Breaking Badfinger / Badfinger Tribute (Jan 5, 2019)

Hey Rockers! We will be closing out 2018 (or will it be ringing in 2019??) with our December Camps gig at Bunkers on Saturday, January 5th from 3-7pm. We'll have four sweet bands: 
The Rock Camp Experience - December Camps Gig 
- The Madhatters (April Wine Tribute) 
- Take It To The House ("The Rockin Blues" camp) 
- Breaking Badfinger (Badfinger Tribute) 
- So? (Peter Gabriel Tribute) 
Breaking Badfinger (Badfinger Tribute) Jan 5, 2019

We will also have a very, very special goodbye and tribute to our Rock Mom, Denise. 
Cover is only $5 but kids are FREE! 
Limited parking is available at the Bunkers lot; additional parking is located at the ramp on the corner of Washington Ave & N 10th Ave.  
These bands are working hard to give you an awesome show; let's give them the most awesome audience we can! 
Breaking Badfinger - Baby Blue 

Breaking Badfinger - Come and Get It 

Breaking Badfinger - Just a Chance 

Breaking Badfinger - No Matter What 

Breaking Badfinger - Without You 

Breaking Badfinger - Without You


Señor Quien - I Miss You / Just a Chance / Know One Knows / No Matter What

Señor Quien - I Miss You (Canción para Mamá) (2017) 

Señor Quien - Just a Chance (2017) 

Señor Quien - Know One Knows (2018) 

Señor Quien - No Matter What (2018) 



[digital download] Badfinger - Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke / Love Time / Just a Chance

Warner Music Group - X5 Music Group 
Badfinger - Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke / Love Time / Just a Chance (digital music download) 
2016/12/26   Pub Rock     10. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch / Should I Smoke - Badfinger   [20 songs] 
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch Pub Rock 2016
2017/02/24   Pub Rock     4. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch / Should I Smoke - Badfinger   [20 songs] 
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch Pub Rock 2017
2017/02/14   70s Soft Rock     6. Love Time - Badfinger   [25 songs] 
Love Time 70s Soft Rock
2017/04/07   Play - British Pop     4. Love Time - Badfinger   [29 songs] 
Love Time Play - British Pop
2017/02/16   70s Hard Rock Classics     16. Just a Chance - Badfinger   [20 songs] 
Just a Chance 70s Hard Rock Classics
2017/03/23   Play - 70's Music     6. Just a Chance - Badfinger   [30 songs] 
Just a Chance Play - 70's Music
2017/04/24   Power Pop Box     8. Just a Chance - Badfinger   [47 songs] 
Just a Chance Power Pop Box
2017/09/26   Shake Some Action - Power Pop Classics     4. Just a Chance - Badfinger   [33 songs] 
Just a Chance Shake Some Action - Power Pop Classics
2018/04/03   Peace Love and Understanding: 1974 Rock     7. Just a Chance - Badfinger   [24 songs] 
Just a Chance Peace Love and Understanding 1974 Rock
 [digital download] Badfinger - Shine On / I Miss You / Andy Norris / Love is Easy 
 [digital download] Badfinger - Sail Away / Lost Inside Your Love / Come Down Hard 
 [digital download] Badfinger - Queen of Darkness 

[謎] Badfinger - Know One Knows (1975 Elektra / WB)

バッドフィンガー Badfinger - Know One Knows 誰も知らない (WB: P-1356W) 1975-02-25 発売
1979年の再結成に便乗して在庫整理とかないよね? (1975年の発売直後に買った人によると、盤はエレクトラの方だったとのこと) 
Regular WB label design 
Know One Knows WB

P-1356w wb
Elektra label design also exists 
Know One Knows Elektra
P-1356w elektra
Both are exactly the same except for label design. Side 2 is "Just a Chance" (notation is "Your So Fine"). 
 [謎] Badfinger - Know One Knows b/w Just a Chance (1975) 

 [Hit Chart / Radio Survey] Badfinger - Know One Knows 

 [謎] Badfinger - Day After Day b/w Suitcase (1972) 

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