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Kathie Molland / Dear Fan (1990)

Dear Fan, 
Kathie Molland - Dear Fan 1
Kathie Molland - Dear Fan 2


[eBay] Kathie Molland Interview DVD-R

Kathie Molland Interview DVD-R 
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Kathie Molland Interview DVD

You are bidding/buying the above pictured interview DVD of Kathie Molland, Joey Molland's late wife.
I acquired it in late 2007, probably from a trader, and this is the first time I watched it.  It was literally stashed away and forgotten, like some old demo tapes you hear that bands recover from time to time.

The interview runs for just over 90 minutes, then the disc freezes up.
There are no scratches on the disc, and perhaps someone with a little technology could at least make another copy that would continue to play. 

However, there is way more than enough material in the first 90 minutes that it remains a worthy item to sell/buy.   You would be buying this item with the understanding that you may not be able to make it much past 90 minutes.

The interview is done outside, trees in the background...circa ~1994.  Close-cropped of Mrs. Molland, wearing a blue sweater.  The person asking questions from behind the camera can barely be heard, but her answers certainly leave no doubt about what was asked.

This interview is from the perspective of a non-band member, but an insider nonetheless.  Based on her recollections, it appears that she endured the band's tragic story in a (mostly) sober frame of mind.

There is tons of discussion about what it was like to live with the band and what was going on with the agents and record companies, particularly as the band left Apple and joined Warner Brothers.  The whole Stan Polley thing is narrated from a completely different perspective....she says it was clear to her what was going on, but the band just didn't get it, or didn't want to.  Lots of mention about the other band members girlfriends.  Neat discussion about the making of Straight Up, the original rejected version, the re-recording, etc.  Lots about Wish You Were Here, which she states was the band's masterpiece, and she compares it to Abbey Road.

This interview will leave you saying "wow!".

Free shipping via media mail. 


Badfinger / A Riveting And Emotionally Gripping Saga (1997)

Badfinger: A Riveting and Emotionally Gripping Saga 

1997 documentary from UK on the band Badfinger. HD remaster from laserdisc. 

Badfinger / A Riveting and Emotionally Gripping Saga (July 15, 1997) 
Badfinger A Riveting and Emotionally Gripping Saga back


Andy Norris [Joey and Cathy Molland]

Joey:  Kath and I wrote that song at Clearwell Castle. I've got the lyric sheet somewhere!  It was named after the tape op (operator) at Olympic Studios, Andy Morris.  I love  that "…savin all my money…" 

Andy Morris, a 16-year-old tape-op in 1973, told me of how Bowie created ‘Diamond Dogs’ 
Andy Morris (Jan 11, 2016)
Andy Morris, now living in Northwest Portland, was 16 when he was an assistant recording engineer at London’s Olympic Studios. 

     By the time you worked with David Bowie you were a bit of a veteran, aged 16?
I was in the recording studio when the Rolling Stones recorded It’s Only Rock ’N Roll (But I Like It). I remember placing microphones in the toilets downstairs when Jagger and Keith were about to sing the overdubs. I also worked with Badfinger and The Pretty Things, but Diamond Dogs was the album I worked on the most. 

Badfinger performs "Andy Norris" at the Bombay Bicycle Club in Memphis, TN sometime in 1987 (anybody have the exact date?). The band was Joey Molland, Randy Anderson, Mark Healey, and Jerry Shirley. Camera work by Mike Barnett.

at Good Ole Days in Atlanta GA sometime in 88/89 (90/91?). Joey Molland, Mark Healey, Michael Lichey and John Richar​dson. 
[various artists] Power Pop 
2017/04/07   mp3   X5 Music Group/Warner Music Group:     11. Andy Norris - Badfinger 
Power Pop Andy Norris
 [various artists] Thomas Felberg presents ‎/ Drunk in a Ditch (Songs from Rock Limbo 1969-1980) 
2006/   CD   Rhino Records(Norway):5051011-5679-2-6     17. Andy Norris - Badfinger 
Drunk in a Ditch


Five Questions with Joey Molland of Badfinger



Badfinger Fanzines (A Brief History) 1980s 90s

Badfinger Fanzines (A Brief History)
This page is sort of a history of Badfinger fan clubs. Before the net there were people who did their part to promote and inform, but because the clubs or letters didn't have the mass distribution that is provided by the world wide web, these folks tend to be unknown and / or under appreciated by the constantly growing Badfinger fan base.  
   Brando's Badfinger Page 
The Badfinger Appreciation Society   by Mark Vander Bough   April 1981 #1
The Badfinger Connection   by Steve Donahue   March 23, 1984 - 1990 #8 
The Badfinger File   by Keith James   May 31, 1986 - 1991 #16 
The Badfinger Post バッドフィンガー通信   by Hiroyuki Imaizumi    March 1989 #1 - 1992 #36 
No Matter What   by Amy DeFalco and Rob Rodriguez   August 1990 - 1993 #8
The Badfinger Musletter   by Kathie Molland   1993 - #5 
So (backtracking for a moment), if you see Mark Vander Bough, Steve Donahue, Keith James, Hiroyuki Imaizumi, Amy DeFalco, Rob Rodriguez or Kathie Molland on the street today make sure to thank them for all their efforts and let them know you appreciate their work in promoting your favorite band, Badfinger! 
   Brando's Badfinger Page  
 インターネット時代以前のファンジン (1980年代) 

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