The Merseys by Billy Kinsley  
The Merseys + The Fruit Eating Bears
Tony Crane and I returned to Liverpool and looked for musicians to form a backing band, which is what Kit and Chris wanted us to do. They saw us as a kind of Walker Brothers or something along those lines. We arrived at the Blue Angel and the Masterminds were playing. Joey Molland, Chris Finley and George Cassidy were in the line-up. They played well, all had a good image and stage presence, so they were invited to join our backing band. They all said 'yes' straight away. A drummer we liked was Kenny Goodlass who had been in the Kirkbys and the Escorts, so he joined. Then Kit said he wanted two drummers, so we got Kenny Mundye who had filled in for Banksie when John went missing and vanished over a lost weekend! 

The Fruit Eating Bears
Merseys Fruit Eating Bears (May 29, 1966) repro
Merseys Fruit Eating Bears (Aug 28, 1966)

The original line-up of the Fruit Eating Bears (Feb.1966)  
  Joey Molland,  guitar  ex-The Masterminds 
  Chris Finley,  keyboards  ex-The Masterminds 
  George Cassidy,  bass  ex-The Masterminds 
  Kenny Goodlass,  drums  ex-The Escorts←The Kirkbys←The Panthers  [この LIverpool の Panthers と同時期に Swansea にも Pete Ham の Panthers が存在] 
  Kenny Mundye,  drums  [The Merseybeats Family Tree Kenny Mundye began his long association with The Merseybeats when he was the first to replace John Banks, who went missing one weekend in 1965]
The Escorts (1964) 左から二人目が Pete Clarke (d) [Airwaves の頃 Badfinger の一員に] 
The Escorts 1964
The Escorts (1965) Pete Clarke が一時抜け、Kenny Goodlass (d) の頃。 この後 再び Clarke に戻る。 
The Escorts 1965
Kenny Mundye は Merseys 解散後も1974年頃まで断続的に Merseybeats に参加。  1976年に Billy Kinsley のband、 Liverpool Express が Kinsley 以外全員交代した時にも、 Mundye は一時参加。その後 The Mice [The Tricycle Turds とも名乗っていたとの都市伝説あり] を結成。 しばらくして Fruit Eating Bears の名を復活させた。
The Fruit Eating Bears ← The Mice (1976)  
  Kenny Mundye,  drums 
  Rick Dean [Richard Atkinson],  vocals 
  Neville Crozier,  guitar/vocals 
  Garry Croudace,  bass/vocals 
The Fruit Eating Bears (1976)
The Fruit Eating Bears (1977)  
  Neville Crozier, vocals/guitar  
  Gary Croudace,  bass/vocals  
  Chris Crash [Chris Penhale],  drums  
The Fruit Eating Bears 1978
The Mice (1980) 
  Kenny Mundye,  drums 
  Neville Crozier,  guitar 
  Garry Croudace,  vocals 
  Barry Stanford,  bass 
  Geoff Peel,  guitar 
The Mice (Fruit Eating Bears) - Costa Brava Holidays  

Flamingo Express (1983) 
  Neville Crozier,  guitar 
  Chris Crash,  drums 
  Barry Stanford,  bass 
The Fruit Eating Bears ( -1989)  
  Kenny Mundye,  drums 
  Neville Crozier,  guitar/vocals 
  Barry Stanford,  bass/vocals 
The Fruit Eating Bears - Slowdown (1988) 

現在 Kenny Mundye は Percussion Workshops を主催、 Neville Crozier はソロ活動。 
Neville Crozier - Prince Namor (2010)