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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Peter Singh - Rockin' with the Sikh (1982)

1982/   7"   Screamingoutforredrecords:RED 1     Rockin' with the Sikh b/w Elvis, I'm on the Phone! 
Peter Singh - Rockin' with the Sikh r1

Peter Singh / East Meets West 
Peter Singh - East Meets West cass 1
Peter Singh - East Meets West cass 2
The 'Rocking Sikh' Elvis impersonator in a turban from Swansea who shot to fame in the 80s 
   by Nino Williams (March 1, 2019
Peter Singh recorded his single, Rocking With The Sikh, at Nick Lowe's studio in Hammersmith, with another former member of Man band, Micky Jones, while Micky Gibbons, of Badfinger, was also drafted into his band. 
Steve Sanders@Pontoonc (March 3, 2019
Peter and his  band, which included Mike Gibbins from Badfinger, and Martin Ace from  Man, were one of the bands that played at my first wedding in 1982. Great evening, and I'd more or less forgotten about it! 
Rocking with a Sikh (Peter Singh & Man band members) 
Short documentary about Peter Singh, a Sikh Elvis impersonator from Swansea. Features performances with his backing band, who included Martin Ace, Micky Jones and John 'Pugwash' Weathers (all members of Man) 1986.



[Newspaper] Vísir (Sep 10/15/17/18, 1971)

Vísir (September 18, 1971) 
(l-r Roadie-Nicky Bell, Mike, Joey, Tom, Martin Ace(center), Deke Leonard, Clive John, Micky Jones, Roadie-Ian 'Fergie' Ferguson and Pete 
Vísir Sep 18, 1971
Vísir (September 17, 1971) 
Vísir Sep 17, 1971
Vísir (September 15, 1971) 
Vísir Sep 15, 1971
Vísir (September 10, 1971) 
Vísir Sep 10, 1971p1
Vísir Sep 10, 1971p16


Deke Leonard Dies, Aged 72 (January 31, 2017)

Roger "Deke" Leonard (December 18, 1944 - January 31, 2017) 

[Book] Deke Leonard / The Twang Dynasty (2012) : Peter Ham + Mike Gibbins

Man / Slow Motion (CD 2008) booklet




Man / Slow Motion (CD 2008) booklet

Man / Slow Motion (CD 2008) booklet 
Man Slow Motion CD 2008 booklet 11
Man Slow Motion CD 2008 booklet 5
Man / Slow Motion (orig LP Oct. 1974) 
2008/05/27   CD   Esoteric Recordings:ECLEC 2062 
   Remixed and re-issued with bonus tracks 
   16-page booklet features new liner notes by Deke Leonard 

1974 Man / Badfinger Concert Programme + Poster

1974 Man / Badfinger Concert Programme 
1974 Man+Badfinger Concert Programme 2b
1974 Man+Badfinger Concert Programme cover
1974 Man+Badfinger Concert Programme 2
Poster changed to October 25
Man + Badfinger Concert Poster Type Ad

[Book] Deke Leonard / The Twang Dynasty (2012) : Peter Ham + Mike Gibbins

Deke Leonard / The Twang Dynasty (March 1, 2012)  Look inside 
Deke Leonard - The Twang Dynasty
Iveys と同郷のバンド Man の Deke Leonard (Badfinger のドキュメント番組などにもよく登場しており、Gary Pickford Hopkins and Friends - Why? (1986) にも参加していた) が、交友のあった50人以上のギタリストに関して書いた本。 Pete Ham も登場する。
よくある Pete や Badfinger に関する事実の羅列だけの本とは違って、Pete や Tom や Mike と実際に交わした会話が中心なので、貴重だと思う。そのかわり、チャートの正確な順位とか、時間の流れなどは記憶だけで書いている感じ。 が、そんなことは他の場所でいくらでも検索できるので無問題。 本に収録のものと全く同じなのかわからないけど、Pete の章は以下のサイト で読める。
The Twang Dynasty: Peter Ham   by  

ピートのエレピ   伝記本Without Youには、「好きなだけ使っていいと言われ、3年後に返した」と書いてある  
タグから聞いた ピートの最後
上の本とは無関係だけど、1973年の Deke Leonard のソロ・アルバム Iceberg で、1曲だけ Mike Gibbins がdrumsで参加しているのがこの曲。
Deke Leonard - Nothing Is Happening (1973)

Deke Leonard - Nothing is Happening
Deke Leonard - Iceberg

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