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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Joey Molland's Badfinger (March 30, 2012)

at YMCA Boulton Center in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York 
Joey Molland's Badfinger (March 30, 2012)
Joey Molland's Badfinger (March 30, 2012) suitcase
Baby Blue 


Day After Day 

Midnight Sun 

Come and Get It 



Wisconsin Native Plays with The Rock Music Group Badfinger

[Wisconsin Life] Wisconsin Native Plays with The Rock Music Group Badfinger 
     by JOEL WALDINGER | November 26, 2017 

Mark Healey - Anything

Mark Healey's new song: "Anything" 
Wisconsin native Mark Healey performs a new song called "Anything." 

The Band Badfinger
Mark Healey, a Wisconsin native, plays bass with Beatles protégé rock band Badfinger 

Song Written by Badfinger a Big Hit for Another Artist 
Badfinger plays the song they wrote which became a big hit for another recording artist 

Mark Healey's Chance Encounter 
Mark Healey encountered Badfinger well before becoming the band's bass guitarist 



Ben Brookes / The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon (coming soon! 2017)

Ben Brookes / The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon (It might be late November 2017) 
   produced by Mark Healey (Badfinger) 
Ben Brookes - The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon
Ben Brookes - Stories in the Rain  [second single from upcoming debut album 2017] 

Ben Brookes - Integration (Not Segregation)  [first single 2017] 

credited on Ben’s record are 
Michael Bland (d), Greg Inhofer (k), Joey Molland (g), Randy Anderson (g), Mark Healey (b) 
Greg Inhofer 
1983年に Tom や Bob と一緒に Badfinger (Goodfinger)  の新曲 I Won't Forget You や You and I などを録音した人。その後 Joey の Badfinger にもたびたび参加。 


[Magazine] The Beatles #289 (May 1999)

The Beatles #289 The Official Monthly Magazine (May 1999) 
   Interview / live report  Joey Molland 
The Beatles #289 Joey 1
The Beatles #289 Joey 2

The Beatles #289


Andy Norris [Joey and Cathy Molland]

Joey:  Kath and I wrote that song at Clearwell Castle. I've got the lyric sheet somewhere!  It was named after the tape op (operator) at Olympic Studios, Andy Morris.  I love  that "…savin all my money…" 

Andy Morris, a 16-year-old tape-op in 1973, told me of how Bowie created ‘Diamond Dogs’ 
Andy Morris (Jan 11, 2016)
Andy Morris, now living in Northwest Portland, was 16 when he was an assistant recording engineer at London’s Olympic Studios. 

     By the time you worked with David Bowie you were a bit of a veteran, aged 16?
I was in the recording studio when the Rolling Stones recorded It’s Only Rock ’N Roll (But I Like It). I remember placing microphones in the toilets downstairs when Jagger and Keith were about to sing the overdubs. I also worked with Badfinger and The Pretty Things, but Diamond Dogs was the album I worked on the most. 

Badfinger performs "Andy Norris" at the Bombay Bicycle Club in Memphis, TN sometime in 1987 (anybody have the exact date?). The band was Joey Molland, Randy Anderson, Mark Healey, and Jerry Shirley. Camera work by Mike Barnett.

at Good Ole Days in Atlanta GA sometime in 88/89 (90/91?). Joey Molland, Mark Healey, Michael Lichey and John Richar​dson. 
[various artists] Power Pop 
2017/04/07   mp3   X5 Music Group/Warner Music Group:     11. Andy Norris - Badfinger 
Power Pop Andy Norris
 [various artists] Thomas Felberg presents ‎/ Drunk in a Ditch (Songs from Rock Limbo 1969-1980) 
2006/   CD   Rhino Records(Norway):5051011-5679-2-6     17. Andy Norris - Badfinger 
Drunk in a Ditch


Joey Molland - Happy (July 26, 2017)

Joey Molland's Badfinger - Happy (July 26, 2017) the Triple Door, Seattle, WA 
The Triple Door July 26, 2017

Badfinger - Happy (June 19, 1996) Tulsa, OK 
   Joey Molland (g), Mark Healey (b), Brian Jentges (d) 

Joey Molland - Happy (July 14, 1996) LA Beatlefest 



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