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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Peter Singh - Rockin' with the Sikh (1982)

1982/   7"   Screamingoutforredrecords:RED 1     Rockin' with the Sikh b/w Elvis, I'm on the Phone! 
Peter Singh - Rockin' with the Sikh r1

Peter Singh / East Meets West 
Peter Singh - East Meets West cass 1
Peter Singh - East Meets West cass 2
The 'Rocking Sikh' Elvis impersonator in a turban from Swansea who shot to fame in the 80s 
   by Nino Williams (March 1, 2019
Peter Singh recorded his single, Rocking With The Sikh, at Nick Lowe's studio in Hammersmith, with another former member of Man band, Micky Jones, while Micky Gibbons, of Badfinger, was also drafted into his band. 
Steve Sanders@Pontoonc (March 3, 2019
Peter and his  band, which included Mike Gibbins from Badfinger, and Martin Ace from  Man, were one of the bands that played at my first wedding in 1982. Great evening, and I'd more or less forgotten about it! 
Rocking with a Sikh (Peter Singh & Man band members) 
Short documentary about Peter Singh, a Sikh Elvis impersonator from Swansea. Features performances with his backing band, who included Martin Ace, Micky Jones and John 'Pugwash' Weathers (all members of Man) 1986.



[Newspaper] Vísir (Sep 10/15/17/18, 1971)

Vísir (September 18, 1971) 
(l-r Roadie-Nicky Bell, Mike, Joey, Tom, Martin Ace(center), Deke Leonard, Clive John, Micky Jones, Roadie-Ian 'Fergie' Ferguson and Pete 
Vísir Sep 18, 1971
Vísir (September 17, 1971) 
Vísir Sep 17, 1971
Vísir (September 15, 1971) 
Vísir Sep 15, 1971
Vísir (September 10, 1971) 
Vísir Sep 10, 1971p1
Vísir Sep 10, 1971p16


David Tipton / Queen Of China (1982)

David Tipton / Queen Of China (1982) 
David Tipton - Queen Of China (1982)
1982/   LP   Kicking Mule Records/Sonet:SNKF 174   Queen Of China 
David Tipton - Queen Of China (1982) back
David Tipton - Queen of China (1983) r1
David Tipton: guitars, vocal  
Martin Ace: bass  
Michael Gibbins: drums, percussion  
Engineered by Peter King   
Recorded at Sycamore Studios, Swansea, Wales  
David Tipton - Queen Of China
David Tipton - Sailing Thro' The Moonstorm 

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