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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Apple Re-Issue Campaign Special DJ Copy (1991/1992)

Apple Re-Issue Campaign - Phase I (1991) 
Re-Issue Campaign I SPCD-1219 a
Re-Issue Campaign I SPCD-1219 b
01. Mary Hopkin - Those Were the Days 
02. Mary Hopkin - Y Blodyn Gwyn 
03. Mary Hopkin - Turn Turn Turn 
04. Mary Hopkin - Young Love 
05. James Taylor - Carolina in My Mind 
06. James Taylor - Something's Wrong 
07. Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It 
08. Billy Preston - Everything's Alright 
09. Jackie Lomax - Sour Milk Sea 
10. Jackie Lomax - The Eagle Laughs at You 
11. Badfinger - Come and Get It 
12. Badfinger - Beautiful and Blue 
13. Badfinger - Carry on Till Tomorrow 
14. Badfinger - Maybe Tomorrow 
Re-Issue Campaign I SPCD-1219 c
Apple Re-Issue Campaign - Phase II (1992) 
Re-Issue Campaign II PCD-0306 a
Re-Issue Campaign II PCD-0306 b
01. Badfinger - No Matter What 
02. Badfinger - Without You 
03. Badfinger - I Can't Take It 
04. Mary Hopkin - Earth Song 
05. Mary Hopkin - Streets of London 
06. Mary Hopkin - Water Paper & Clay 
07. The Iveys - Maybe Tomorrow 
08. The Iveys - Dear Angie 
09. The Iveys - They're Knocking Down Our Home 
10. Doris Troy - Ain't That Cute 
11. Doris Troy - Jacob's Ladder 
12. George Harrison - Ski-ing 
13. George Harrison - Gat Kirwani 
14. George Harrison - Dream Scene 
Re-Issue Campaign II PCD-0306 c


[Italy TV] Linea Contro Linea (December 14, 1968)

Linea Contro Linea (December 14, 1968) 

Linea Contro Linea Dec 14, 1968 FAB b

Linea Contro Linea Dec 14, 1968 FAB c
[Bootleg/DVD] The Beatles / Everybody Had A Hard Year (2013 FAB) 
The Beatles - 1968 Vol 6 Everybody Had A Hard Year
The Beatles - 1968 Vol 6 Everybody Had A Hard Year 10
[Bootleg/DVD] The Beatles - 1968 (2014 BFB) 
The Beatles - 1968 BFB c
The Beatles - 1968 BFB b
The Beatles - 1968 BFB a
 [Bootleg/DVD] Fresh from Apple Vol.1 / Vol.2 (2017) 

 [Bootleg/DVD] Do You Want To Know A Secret Vol.2 / Vol.3 (2019) 

[Apple Records Acetate] the B side has a COMPLETELY UNKNOWN


Apple Records Acetate / the B side has a COMPLETELY UNKNOWN 

Apple Records Acetate mh1

This ACETATE was for the A side of MARY HOPKIN - APPLE RECORDS single from 1971, of course APPLE RECORDS was THE BEATLES record label and they signed MARY HOPKIN to the label as they were fans of her !!! 
This was a music publishing ACETATE and came from the BELWIN-MILLS MUSIC library who were the publishers of this track and which I bought the library from !!! 
This sounds like a slightly different MIX to the APPLE RECORDS release, but could simply be for the fact that it is pressed on ACETATE ??? 
The B side has a COMPLETELY UNKNOWN and as far as I could find UNRELEASED track that sounds like a late period THE BEATLES, or solo GEORGE HARRISON track, but who is it by (you can even hear them talking at the beginning of the track)??? 
Any help please get in touch. 
Ron Griffiths
Hello everyone …. that song has nothing to do with us - that is definitely NOT Tommy singing . The mystery goes on !! 
Mary Hopkin   Goodbye's B side 

Paul said that he needed B side. In the room 6-7 songwriters such as Badfinger and Grapefruit members joined together. Paul was anxiously concerned with the development of Apple publishing. And, fortunately our song 'Sparrow' was adopted. --- Graham Lyle (Gallagher & Lyle) Original text is unknown. translate Japanese to English

I received a note by Paul McCartney that Mary Hopkin's new song Goodbye's B side is necessary. Paul tried to compete his Apple publication writers and write her song. Mortimer also wrote the song. --- Tom Smith (Mortimer) Original text is unknown. translate Japanese to English

Fabulous 208 (Feb. 7, 1970) 
Badfinger, they are prolific songwriters with a collection of over 300 songs already, one promised to Mary Hopkin.


[Bootleg] Paul's Meddling Apple Corps Works on Apple Singles

Paul's Meddling Apple Corps Works on Apple Singles 
1996/   CD   Master of Orange:10009 
Paul's Meddling Apple Corps Works on Apple Singles back
Paul's Meddling Apple Corps Works on Apple Singles


The Iveys - Twelve Days of Christmas (1966)

The Iveys - Twelve Days of Christmas (1966)

最初に出てくる画像は Apple Christmas Party - December 23, 1968 
[歌はTom 加入前で、Dai 在籍時の1966年]
Apple Christmas Party 1968
Richard DiLello (Apple press officer Derek Taylor's junior assistant) からの通知
アップルのクリスマス・パーティは1968年12月23日の午後2時半から夕方にかけて行います(2時半から Peter Brown の部屋で子供たちのパー ティ、6時から Neil Aspinall の部屋で大人の部)。
このメモ用紙に自分の名前と連れてくる子供の数を書いて、今月中に Carol Padden (press secretary) に渡してください。妻・夫・ボーイフレンド・ガールフレンドが歓迎されるのはいうまでもありませんが、重婚者のような特殊な場合を除き、大人のゲストはひとりにつき一名までとします。
この時の様子は Richard DiLello's book 'The Longest Cocktail Party'. に書かれていて、その部分の引用がネットにあった。

50. イギリス最大の七面鳥をめぐる戦い
Apple Christmas Party 1968 jy
Apple Christmas Party 1968 jymh
 [Acetate] Iveys Christmas Record (1968) 
 The Goons / The Best of the Goon Shows No. 2 (1960) 
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