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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


ミルク at ACB

1969年? 頃のミルクのライブ。最初に10秒ちょっと Maybe Tomorrow 
Milk ミルク

松崎しげる v 
日高富明 g 
鳥羽清 k 
佐山真市 d 
石井? b 

Mark & Tommy - Maybe Tomorrow (July 9, 1983)

Mark & Tommy - Maybe Tomorrow (July 9, 1983) 

Mark & Tommy マーク&トミー - GARO解散後初めての二人ライブ - 1983/7/7 江古田マーキー 
Mark & Tommy - Maybe Tomorrow (July 7, 1983) 
Mark & Tommy 1983

マーク from GARO 
松崎しげる(マツ)は大学時代に、のちにガロを結成するふたり(日高富明=TOMMY と 堀内護=マーク)とともに、ミルクというバンドを結成。 


伸び悩んでいたときに、TOMMYが こんな曲があるよ と「MAYBE TOMORROW」を教えてくれました。


[Heritage Auction] The Iveys / Pocket Disc Single (Apple/Americom 1803P, 1968)

[Heritage Auction
2018 July 21 Entertainment & Music Memorabilia Signature Auction - Dallas #7179 
LOT #89512 The Iveys "Maybe Tomorrow" / "Daddy's a Millionaire"
4"  33 1/3 Pocket Disc Single (Apple/Americom 1803P, 1968).
Made by Americom in the late 1960s to be sold in special record vending machines, this rare flexi PocketDisc features two tracks from British Rock band the Iveys, who change their name a year later to the more recognizable Badfinger. Condition: EX 7.
Pocket Disc 
33 1/3 RPM   3.75 inches flexi   約9.5cm 
収録時間3分半程度 (Beatles の Hey Jude は 3:25, Mary Hopkin の Those Were the Days は3:36に編集) 

49 cents plus tax (or in the vender, 50 cents including tax) 
pocket disc cover
Vending Machines 
23 inches wide x 10 inches high x 9 inches deep   contains 5 selections in a total quantity of 250 records (多くの店は4台並べて20種類を販売) とか 
26 inches wide x 18 inches high x 8 inches deep   contains 10 selections in a total quantity of 600 records (この後、750枚収納になったみたい) 
pocket disc vending machine


Iveys / Maybe Tomorrow Favourite Tracks

LP メイビー・トゥモロウ +3 の中で好きな曲は?
Badfinger Post 05
1989年7月発行の 月刊バッドフィンガー通信 第5号に集計結果を載せるために、バッドフィンガー同好会の会員からアンケートを取ったのがこの質問。 順位付けとか曲数とかの縛りなし。 会員の入れ替わりもあったので、1990年から91年に2度目のアンケート。両方とも回答した人は新しい方だけを採用し再集計。 結果は... 
The Badfinger Post Readers' Poll Results 1989-91 (24人参加) 
The Iveys / Maybe Tomorrow + 3 
121 Maybe Tomorrow 
 60 Beautiful And Blue 
 40 Storm In A Teacup 
 39 Dear Angie 
 33 No Escaping Your Love 
 32 Yesterday Ain't Coming Back 
 28 They're Knocking Down Our Home 
 21 Sali Bloo 
 20 I've Been Waiting 
 17 Fisherman 
 16 I'm In Love 
 10 Angelique 
  6 And Her Daddy's A Millionaire 
  2 See-Saw Grampa 
  1 Think About The Good Times 
「好きな曲」のポイントが一番少なかった Think About The Good Times


[The Iveys] The black Apple standard cover decorated by a fan

The German single of Maybe Tomorrow came in a black Apple company sleeve.   So a fan made cover with a cut out from the New Musical Express. 
Iveys germany
NME Nov 23, 1968 Iveys
New Musical Express, November 23, 1968 
NME Nov 23, 1968 b
Disc and Music Echo, November 23, 1968 
Disc and Music Echo Nov 23, 1968 b


Badfinger best albums

Badfinger best albums
Badfinger best albums #1-3
1. Straight Up 
2. No Dice
3. Wish You Were Here 
4. Ass 
5. Head First 
6. Badfinger 
7. The Best of Badfinger 
8. Say No More 
9. Magic Christian Music 
10.Day After Day 
12.Maybe Tomorrow 
13.The Best of Badfinger Vol. II 
The best album by Badfinger is Straight Up which is ranked number 2,117 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 853.
Badfinger is ranked number 902 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 1,786.

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