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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Chuck Boris - Midnight Caller / Baby Blue (2020)

2020/10/04   Chuck Boris - Midnight Caller 

2020/05/04   Chuck Boris - Baby Blue 


Badfinger, The Legendary Pink Dots - Midnight Caller (October 2020, Cleopatra)

Badfinger, The Legendary Pink Dots - Midnight Caller (October 2020, Cleopatra) 
2020/10/26   Cleopatra Records:     Midnight Caller 


THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS Team With Classic Rock Legends BADFINGER For A New Version Of “Midnight Caller!” 
Badfinger, The Legendary Pink Dots - Midnight Caller
Los Angeles, CA - The Legendary Pink Dots founder Edward Ka-Spel is well-known as one of the most prolific artists to emerge from the ‘80s post-punk underground but in his 40+ studio albums with the Dots, Ka-Spel has never done something quite as adventurous as this new single. “Midnight Caller” is one of the highlights from Badfinger’s smash hit album from 1970 No Dice, and this year Ka-Spel was given the opportunity to refresh this classic track, bringing his own prodigious production skills and immense talent for arrangement to the late great Pete Ham’s composition. Featuring vocals and bass by longtime Badfinger bandleader Joey Molland, “Midnight Caller” becomes in the hands of Ka-Spel simultaneously more lush and more sinister offering a dark psychedelic spin that seeps its way into almost everything The Dots touch. 
The new version of the song, which is available now as a digital single and via streaming services, is built around archival vocals that founding Badfinger member Joey Molland recorded in the early 1990s. 
The Best of Badfinger 1994 featuring Joey Molland - Midnight Caller (1994) 

 Badfinger · Rick Springfield - Love is Gonna Come at Last (January 2021, Cleopatra) 
 Badfinger, Sonny Landreth - Suitcase (December 2020, Cleopatra) 

 Badfinger, Rick Wakeman - Come & Get It (September 2020, Cleopatra) 

 Badfinger, The Buckinghams feat. Carl Giammarese - I Don't Mind (August 2020, Cleopatra) 

 Badfinger, Ian Anderson, Terry Reid, Manchester String Quartet - Day After Day (July 2020, Cleopatra) 
 Badfinger, Matthew Sweet - Baby Blue (May 2020, Cleopatra) 
 Badfinger / No Matter What - Revisiting the Hits (March 26, 2021 Cleopatra) 
 The Best of Badfinger 1994 featuring Joey Molland 

Jimmy Brown - Lonely You / Midnight Caller (2019)

Jimmy Brown 
Jimmy Brown 4
Lonely You (2019) 

Midnight Caller (2019) 

 Jimmy Brown - Shine On / It Had To Be / Dennis (2020) 
 Jimmy Brown - Name of the Game / It Had To Be (2017) 

 Jimmy Brown - Without You / Dennis (2016) 
 Jimmy Brown - I Miss You / We're for the Dark (2016) 


Tomoyuki - Midnight Caller (2019)

Tomoyuki - Midnight Caller 

Sashton@scottalexashton - Without You 

Six-Gun Poet@sixgunpoet 

砂漠 / ナミサトリ@namisatori 



Alejandro Petriz - Without You / Midnight Caller / It's Over

Alejandro Petriz 
Without You (acoustic 2015 / karaoke 2015 / driving 2019) 

Midnight Caller (acoustic 2017 / driving 2019) 

It's Over (acoustic 2016) 

Name of the Game (acoustic 2017) 

No Matter What (acoustic 2017 / karaoke 2015) 

Alejandro Petriz
 Alejandro Petriz - Baby Blue (2021/ acoustic 2016 / karaoke 2015 / driving 2019) 


Billy Bruce & Eddie Chadwick - Midnight Caller (2018)

Billy Bruce & Eddie Chadwick - Midnight Caller (2018) 

Billy Bruce & Eddie Chadwick

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