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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


3年6ヶ月経ったので、方針変換。 合いの手係を募集します。 やりたい人連絡して(2016/12/13)

[Newspaper] Dixon Evening Telegraph (Sep 29, 1970)

Dixon Evening Telegraph (September 29, 1970)  [Dixon, Illinois] 
Dixon Evening Telegraph Sep 29 1970
10月11日の Sauk Valley College 公演のPR記事なんだけど、公演前日の同紙は共演者の方を中心に載せている。 
Dixon Evening Telegraph (October 10, 1970)  [Dixon, Illinois] 

California Folk Singer Denny Brooks will be joining the British Rock Group, Badfinger, in concert at 8 p.m. on Sunday in the Sauk Valley College gymnasium. Brooks, a folk and ballad singer who formerly sang with The Back Porch Majority, will be featured with the British group in the first concert in the college’s 1970-71 Artist Lecture Series. Brooks has appeared in night clubs, in concert on many college campuses and on such national television shows as Hollywood Palace, the Mike Douglas Show and the Johnny Carson Show.
Badfinger, his companions for the performance, are perhaps best known for their recording of former Beatle Paul McCartney’s hit composition entitled “Come and Get It.” The quartet also recorded the musical theme for the film, “The Magic Christian,” starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr.
Michael Seguin, director of student activities at the college, said a limited number of tickets are expected to be available at the door the evening of the concert. They will be sold for $2.50 per person. 


[Newspaper] La Crosse Tribune (May 1975) / Reporter (July 1975)

The La Crosse Tribune  (La Crosse, Wisconsin) 
The La Crosse Tribune (May 9, 1975) 
The La Crosse Tribune May 9, 1975
Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin) 
Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter (July 26, 1975) 
Fond Du Lac Commonwealth Reporter July 26, 1975


[Newspaper] Vísir (May 10, 1975)

Vísir (May 10, 1975) 
Vísir May 10, 1975 Pete Ham
他にも、ニルソンのヒットで知られる ウィズアウト・ユー も、彼の作曲である。


[Newspaper] Vikan (Oct 21, 1971)

Vikan (October 21, 1971) 
Vikan Oct 21, 1971 Tom Joey
Vikan Oct 21, 1971 Pete


[Newspaper] Þjóðviljinn (Sep 14/21,1971)

Þjóðviljinn (September 21, 1971) 
Þjóðviljinn Sep 21, 1971 Joey
Þjóðviljinn Sep 21, 1971 Bill Collins
Þjóðviljinn (September 14, 1971) 
Þjóðviljinn Sep 14, 1971


[Newspaper] Morgunblaðið (Sep 12/16/17, 1971)

Morgunblaðið (September 12, 1971) 
Morgunblaðið Sep 12, 1971
Morgunblaðið (September 17, 1971) 
Morgunblaðið Sep 17, 1971
Morgunblaðið (September 16, 1971) 
Morgunblaðið Sep 16, 1971

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