Zak Nilsson 
Just a reminder, I'll be singing a couple of Badfinger songs tonight with my friends John Wicks and Nicholas Guzman. Come on down, say hello. All profits are going to Pete Ham's requested charity which is an animal rescue, which of course I'm thrilled about.
Some great musicians and artists playing tonight, hope to see you there. 
Jimmy Webb 

This past weekend, Zak Nilsson, son of Harry Nilsson, made his on stage debut at a celebration of Pete Ham, the great singer and songwriter for Badfinger. Here he is is with Pete's great song, "Baby Blue", alongside The Records' John Wicks and Nick Guzman. 
memories of the show 
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 Breaking Baby Blue / Badfinger's Pete Ham Evening of Tributes (Apr 24, 2016) 

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