Paws - Carry On Till Tomorrow [Tom - Pete] 
Paws EMGS 6006
   Yuen Lai Sheung (解散後、Lisa Yuen 袁麗嫦 としてソロ活動), 
   Lee Yau Ping, Lee Wai Kay, and Lee Wai Yu (3兄弟) 

Paws / Paws 
1976/   LP   EMI:EMGS 6006     Side:1-1. Carry On Till Tomorrow 
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Paws LP
[various artists]  Hit Sounds Vol. 6 
1976/   LP   EMI:EMGS 6005     Side:1-8. Carry On Till Tomorrow - Paws 
Paws Hit Sounds Vol 6
[various artists]  環球百代巨聲傳奇101 (Hong Kong Muzikland of the 60/70s Vol.2) 
2013/12/23   6CD   Universal Music:     Disc:2-11. Carry On Till Tomorrow - The Paws 
Paws 101 6CD