Badfinger covers

バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Book] Les MacDonald / The Day the Music Died (2010)

Les MacDonald / The Day the Music Died (July 8, 2010) 
Les MacDonald - The Day the Music Died (2010)



[Movie] Little Malcolm (1974)

Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs (June 1974) 
Little Malcolm dvd

Little Malcolm 1
Little Malcolm 2
Little Malcolm 3
Little Malcolm 4
Little Malcolm 5
Little Malcolm 6

Apple Studios version of “Lonely Man” by Splinter for the film, Little Malcolm and the Struggle Against the Eunuchs (1974). It’s only the intro because the rest of this version of the song was never released. 

session players: 
Bob Purvis, Bill Elliott: vocals 
George Harrison, Pete Ham: guitars 
Bill Dickinson, John Taylor: bass guitars 
Billy Preston: keyboards 
Jim Keltner: drums 
For details,


[Magazine] Ugly Things #40 (Fall/Winter 2015)

Ugly Things #40 (Fall/Winter 2015) 
Ugly Things #40 FallWinter 2015

Replacement drummer for Mike Gibbins (Spring 1972) 
Stu Boy King (The Dictators 1973-75) was interviewed by Ugly Things magazine in in 2015.
He somehow got acquainted with Stan Polley. Polley hooked him up with Badfinger. Stu Boy was living in Bandfinger's recording studio for a period of time and the band seemed interested in hiring him as a drummer. They backed off because of potential visa/travel complications. 
Ugly Things #40 Stu Boy King
Punk magazine #11 (October/November 1977) by John Holmstrom 
Punk #11 1977
(1973) The Dictators put out ads and auditioned drummers and chose Stu Boy King, mostly because he had a nice set of drums and a rich millionaire detective father. 
Martin H. Samuel 
4度目のUSツアーの開始1ヶ月前、Mike Gibbins が一時 Badfinger を抜けた時(May - Jul 1972)、オーディションを受けたひとり。 
When Badfinger were auditioning for a Mike Gibbins replacement, Martin H. Samuel managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by failing to own up to being a songwriter. He'd been conditioned into believing bands didn't want song-writing drummers so, when asked by Pete Ham, he denied he was skilled in such ways not knowing that they wanted an all-writing band. 


[The Range Place] Vocalist Research and Discussion

Pete Ham 
Voice Type: Wish I Were Tenor
Vocal Range: B2 - E5 
E5 ("Another Day", "Coppertone Blues", "Dawn", "Keyhole Street", "Give It A Try", "Meanwhile Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke")
E♭5 ("Blessing In Disguise", "Makes Me Feel Good")
D5 ("Dennis", "Goodbye John Frost", "Helping Hand")

C♯3 ("Know One Knows")
C3 ("Midnight Caller", "Timeless")
B2 ("Knocking Down Our Home")

Tom Evans
Voice Type: Power Pop Tenor
Vocal Range: B♭2 - D6 
D6 ("See-Saw Granpa")
B♭5 ("Rock Of All Ages")
A5 ("And Her Daddy's A Millionaire", "Give It A Try")

C♯3 ("When I Say")
C3 ("Water Lily")
B♭2 ("Carry On Till Tomorrow")



[Cover versions] Without You (Pete Ham - Tom Evans) INDEX

サッカーW杯、あなたの注目ポイントは? に参加中!
Tom Pete 1947-∞
Nilsson (1971) 
Nilsson (1972) Spanish Lyrics: Carmo 
Nilsson (1972) Italian Lyrics: Daniele Pace 
Nilsson (1971) demo 
Nilsson (1993) 
Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band (1992) 
Harry Nilsson (Remix)  doom version 2013 / Kissy Klub Version 2011 / Ades Vapor Remix 2007 
Miguel Ramos y su organo hammond  
Jorge Belmont y su pandilla  
La Pandilla  
Yolanda y su Trio Perla Negra  
Pedro Vargas (1992) Spanish Lyrics: Carmo  
Charlie Leroy (Spanish1972/English1975) Spanish Lyrics: ??Charlie Leroy??  
Tony Rondeau (1972) Spanish Lyrics: ??Charlie Leroy??  
Pelusa (1985) Spanish Lyrics: ??Charlie Leroy??  
Pomada (1986) Spanish Lyrics: ??Charlie Leroy??  
Track 1 
Los Playeros 
Cacho Castaña 
Carlos Javier Beltrán 
La Fiesta  
The Mike Morton Congregation 
Top Of The Poppers 
Allan Caddy Orchestra & Singers 
Rut Rex 
Shirley Bassey 
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(2002) Spanish Lyrics: Gabriel Gallardo 
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I Combos 
Nicola Di Bari (1973) Italian Lyrics: Daniele Pace  
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Al Bano Carrisi 
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Ciro Alma 
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Hanson (1972) 
The Sound Effects (1972) 
Buddy Greco (1972)  
Laurindo Almeida (1972) inst 
50 Guitars Of Tommy Garrett 
Acker Bilk (1972) inst 
Tony Hatch (1972) inst 
David Rose & his Orchestra (1972) inst 
Rafael Ferro y su Orquesta (1972) inst 
Franck Pourcel 
Cover versions of chart songs from 1972 
江利チエミ Chiemi Eri (1972/1972) 
Glen Campbell (1972)  
Percy Faith (1972) inst 
松崎しげる Shigeru Matsuzaki (1972)  
Andy Williams (1972) 
Jim Nabors (1972) 
Johnny Mathis (1972) 
Ray Conniff (1972) 
Peter Nero (1972) inst 
Vikki Carr (1972) 
Ronnie Aldrich 
Company (1972) 
Donald Height (1972) 
Floyd Cramer 
James Last 
Kai Warner 
Engelbert Humperdinck (1972/1974/Live1975)  
Wayne Newton (1972) 
Gil Ventura 
沢田研二 Kenji Sawada (1972) Japanese Lyrics: 沢田研二 
岩崎宏美 Hiromi Iwasaki (1977) Japanese Lyrics: 沢田研二 
Terry Baxter, His Orchestra and Chorus (1972) 
World Pops Orchestra 
グリニッジ・ストリングス Greenwich Strings (1972) inst 
H.E.W. (1972)  
伊東ゆかり Yukari Ito (197*) Japanese Lyrics: たかたかし  
Casanova 7 (197*) 
Henry Mancini & Doc Severinsen 
Boots Randolph (1973) inst 
Karen Wyman (1973) 
Pavel Bartoň (1973) Czech Lyrics: Zdeněk Borovec 
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Marcela Holanová (1999) Czech Lyrics: ?? 
Jana Kocianová (1975) Slovak Lyrics: Peter Brhlovič  
Cilla Black (1973/Take 1 Outtake/Take 2) 
オフコース Off Course (1973) 
Song For Memories (2001) 
小田和正 Kazumasa Oda (2005) 
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フォーリーブス 着信音 (2013) inst  
Humlor Och Bin (1974) 
Sami Jo (1974) 
Petula Clark 
Jimmy Jackson (1974) 
Denny Wright and the Hustlers (1974) inst 
Glenda Wright (1974) 
Billy Vaughn (1974) inst 
The Les Humphries Orchestra, Choir & Piano 
Julie Anthony (1975) 
しばたはつみ Hatsumi Shibata (1975/1976)  
Ruby Winters (1975) 
Wendel Adkins and the Nomads (1975)  
Audrey Squires  
Sonny & Cher (1976/1979) medley 
Peter Lemongello (1976)  
Nightair (1976)  
Bernhard Brink 
Wolfgang Petry 
Chris Marlow 
Peter Steinbach 
Billy Paul (1976/Live1999/Live2000) 
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London Symphony Orchestra 
The Geoff Love Singers (1977) 
Tony Marsden (1977?) 
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Carlette (1990)  
西城秀樹 Hideki Saijyo (1977) Japanese Lyrics: 櫛田露孤 
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マーサ三宅 Martha Miyake (1978) 
Pete Campbell (1978) 
Wiz (1979) 
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喜屋武マリー Kyan Marie with Medusa (1981/1989)  
Salena Jones (1981) 

Magazine 60 (1981) medley 
Frank Mills 
Dottie West (1981) 
Brotherhood of Man (1981) 
Liesbeth List 
Liesbeth List & Ramses Shaffy 
Freddy Just 
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Dan O'Neil (7"/12" 1984) 
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Richard Clayderman 
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EQ All Star 
Romantic Piano 
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Greger & Greger (1995) inst 
Björn Skifs (1988) 
Nini, Hạ Vy & Vina Uyển My 
Philip Huy (1994) Vietnamese Lyrics: ?? 
Thai Doanh Doanh 
Thanh Hà (2011) Vietnamese Lyrics: ??  
Ngọc Bích 
Don Hồ 
Vũ Song Vũ 
Screamer (1989)  
Osmo's Cosmos (1997)  
Julie Su 
Jeff Chang 
Paul Edwards Super Session (1989) medley  
神山純一 ラ・ピュール・モンターニュ 
world of orgel  
オルゴールサウンド J-Pop  
Lullaby Mode  
Bryn Yemm (1989) 
Ressu Redford (1990) Finnish Lyrics: Jani Saari 
Ressu Redford & Jussi Rainio (2010) Finnish Lyrics: Jani Saari 
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Air Supply 
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Di Carlo 
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Grupo Festival de Exitos  
Cumbia Latin Band  
Rondalla Irapuatense (2005) Spanish Lyrics: Graciela Carballo 
Toño y Freddy 
Zamacona y Los Yonic's 
Roberto Di Stefano 
Il Divo 
Mirela y Gerard 
Mirela y Manu Castellano 
César Flores 
Aliados de la Sierra 
Skandalo Show 
Abraham Mateo 
Fabiola Rodas (2010/Live2009) Spanish Lyrics: Graciela Carballo 
José Luis et Carlotta (2010) Spanish Lyrics: Graciela Carballo 
Pitingo (2010/Live2011/Live2014) Spanish Lyrics: Graciela Carballo 
Joel Santos 
Opera Remix 
Laura Reyes (Live2014/Studio2014) Spanish Lyrics: Graciela Carballo  
Veronika Diaz 
Eden (2014) medley Spanish Lyrics: Graciela Carballo  
ニュー・レオン・グランド・オーケストラ New Leon Grand Orchestra (1992) inst 
The Kojacks 
Jo Vally 
鈴木トオル Toru Suzuki (1993 single/karaoke/album) Japanese Lyrics: 只野菜摘, 鈴木トオル 
Twiggy (1993) 
Jajajah All Stars featuring Twiggy (1995) 
Mariah Carey 
Barbora Balúchová 
Starsound Orchestra 
Louis van Dijk & The London Studio Orchestra (1993) inst 
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 
Chilly White & Kenny Peach (1993) 
Dekko (1993) 
Tiny Tim (1993)  
Pat Benesta (1994) 
     Tendrement Slow 
     The Top Orchestra 
     Generation R&B 
     Valentine's Day 
     Gay Icons 
     Romantic Time 
     Love Songs 
     Icônes Gays 
Alina Pszczółkowska (1994) Polish Lyrics: Maciej Ślużyński 
Ministars (1994) Portuguese Lyrics: Rosa Lobato De Faria 
Starkids (1994) Portuguese Lyrics: Rosa Lobato De Faria 
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Fekete Dzsoni 
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Kocsándi Miklós 
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E.J. Gold & the Galaxians (1994)  
E.J. Gold 
Cynthia Henderson 
Tommy Brown (1993 The Down Beat Mix/Radio Mix) 
Sheena Rayder (1993) 
DJ Mike-Masa (2010) 
DJ Hiroki (2012) 
Minnesota (1994) 
The Raiders (1994) 
Think! Big (1994) 
Obsession (1994) 
Jam Tronik (1994 Radio Mix/Club Mix/Nonstop Mix) 
Next Generation (1994) 
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The BNFL Band [Leyland Band] (1994) inst 
Th' Faith Healers (1994) 
Trevor Nasser (1994) inst  
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Rose-Marie (1994) 
The Hill-Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo  
Jan de Haan / Soli Brass (1994) inst 
Rosita y Casablanca 
Los Forasteros 
Klase Aparte  
Crissy D (1995)  
Dickie Rock (1995)  
The Blue Mountain Panpipe Ensemble 
Pierre Belmonde 
Reeves and Mortimer (1995) medley 
The Songrise Orchestra  
The Hugo Capaldi Orchestra  
Roberto Casas 
John Anthony 
Patsy Moore  
Hugo Strasser 
Bobbie Eakes & Jeff Trachta (1995)  
Mark Campbell (15sec/30sec/1995) cf 
Bistro Tempo 
Juice Newton duet with Glen Campbell (1995) 
Free The Spirit  
Ron Aspery (1996) inst  
Peter Carson 
New York Metropolitan Orchestra (1996) inst  
Banda Musicale Giuseppe Verdi di Capolago 
Eddie Garcia  
ZOB (1996) 
Jean Martyn 
Daniel Ho and Kilauea (1996) inst 
淡海悟郎 Goro Ohmi (1996) inst 
Jet Stream Orchestra (1996) inst 
Jorge Rico  
Panpipe Players International  
Don Cu feat Carmina (1997) 
Preet Raj Singh 
Jan Davis (1997) 
Alexis Peña (1997) Spanish Lyrics: Alexis Peña 
小原孝 Takashi Obara (1997) inst 
Tito Nieves 
The Wright Brothers (1997)  
DJ Mike D. (1997).
The Countdown Singers 
Límite (1997) 
Dreams And Emotion 
Julio Moreno (1997) Spanish Lyrics: ?? 
David Michael Cass 
Hans Vermeulen (1998) Dutch Lyrics: Joost Nuissl 
Orquesta Piel Morena (1998) Spanish Lyrics: ?? 
John Fox 
Guitar Dreams 
J.B.O. (1998) medley 
Franco Lorca 
Pop Du Monde Orchestra 
Orchestra 'd Amour 
Graham Turner 
Michael Rossi and Friends 
New Symphonic Orchestra 
Missile Girl Scoot (1999/Live2003) 
Helmet (2000) 
Pop Strings Orchestra 
Crimson Ensemble 
Jenni Rivera (1999) Spanish Lyrics: ??Jenni Rivera??  
Dinu Bohma 
Bobby Conn (1999) 
The BB Band (1999)  
     The Versionarys  
     Pitch Perfect  
     The Memory Lane  
     The Mobsters  
     The Romancers  
The Wildlife (2009)  
     The Versionarys  
     The Bridgettes  
     Pitch Perfect  
Moonbase Alpha feat. Emma Lee  
Ricardo Caliente  
Samy Goz 

小柳ゆき Yuki Koyanagi (2000/Live2000/Live2002) 
深町純 Jun Fukamachi (2001) inst 
Bruno Bertone feat. Kenny J. Charles (2000) inst   
Renée Zellweger (2001) 
DJ. Dani B.P.M. 
Chisako Takashima (2001) inst 
The Fortunes (Live2001/Live2005/2008/Live2013) 
Csepregi Gyula 
Phil Medley 
Kings of Hardcore 
Ashley Smith  
Amber Rose Guitar Duo 
Wander Wildner (2002/2008) 
Studio 99 
Damian Luca 
Bill Scherer 
中村健佐 Kensuke Nakamura (2002) inst 
Daisy James 
The Sax Lounge Band 
Sharon Hayes 
Task Force vs DJ Steve L 
Sugar Mary (2002) 
Donny Osmond 
Jade Kwan 
Michel Lapp & DJ Valen 
Havasi Balázs (2003) inst 
We All Together (Live2003)  
The Smooth Ballroom Band 
Pepito Ros 
Mariusz Zaczkowski 
Stella (2003) inst 
綾戸智絵 Chie Ayado
綾戸智恵 (2003) 
Natalia (2003/Instrumental) 
舞间道 (2003) 
織田哲郎 Tetsuro Oda (2003) 
Music Makers 
Pan Pipes 
Rivers Cuomo (2004) 
Copy Cats 
Stevan Micheo (2004) inst 
Reiner Regel (2004) inst 
Marc Raymond
(2004) inst 
UK Gospel Choir (2004) 
Daryl Hall & John Oates (2004/instrumental)  
Ester Véras 
Юлия Вдовенко (2005)
Russian Lyrics: Karen Kavaleryan 
Gian (2005) 
Gary Schutt (2005) 
Zhang Bin (2005) inst 
Los Hermanos Romero 
Don & Tee 
Zara (2005) 
Teo Lavanga  
Evergreen Atmosphere  
Chad Burdick 

Zhao Qi 赵祺 (2005) 
Jin Chi
金池 Kim Trì (2005) 
Li Ling
李凌 (2005) 
畑山佳代 Kayo Hatayama (2006) 
Pino Marra 
Toni Platão (2006/2008)
Portuguese Lyrics: Toni Platão 
Timo Räisänen (2006) 
Jane Zhang 
Steven McLachlan 
Sakis Rouvas 
Vince Hill 
Ryan Humbert 
Clay Aiken 
The Blizzard of 78 

rockwell (2006/instrumental) 
Ed Alleyne-Johnson 
Ricardo Montaner 
María José Castillo 
Pan Pipes Chillout Band 
Magnus Tengdahl 
Stockholm Jazz Set  
Maggie Moore  
Star of Reggae  
Latin Band  
Disco Fever  
Jamaica Club  
Extra Latino  
和田昌哉 Masaya Wada (2007)  
Michael Sweet 
Carly Smithson 
Patrick Péronne 
LA Rockestra 
水橋舞 Mai Mizuhashi (2008) Japanese Lyrics: ?? 
Ehab Hamid, Raja Rais 
The Moonlight Orchestra 
London Wind Orchestra 
Frank Pellico 
The Piano Maestros 
The Pianist 
David Hobson (2008) 
Tóth Lüszi 
Chris de Burgh (2008/Live2009/Live1985) 
Bellavista Orchestra 
The Klone Orchestra 
The Minister of Soundalikes 
The Love Songs Band 
Orchestra Panpipes Gold 
J.Livingston Orchestra & Singers 
The Pan Pipes Band 
The Eighty Group  
Latin Dance Band  
The 70's Band Collection 
The Sex Boys 
Chris Ingham 
Liz Meyer (2008) 
Bonnie Prince Billy (2004) medley 
Susanna (2008) 
Tove Jaarnek 
Alexandra Burke 
Thaís Séliguer 
Banda Som e Louvor 
Calcinha Preta 
Celso Leonel (2008) Portuguese lyrics: Celso Leonel Cezar Silva / Clóvis Renato Cezar Silva  
Studio Allstars 
Pop Feast 
The Academy Allstars  
Rock Feast  
Valentina Hasan 
Yolanda Marín y Orquesta Sinfónica Teatro Castelar (2009) 
For Sale 
Matthias Grabi 
Collin Raye with Susan Ashton (2009)  
Hot Hits 
Andrea Biviano 
Kris Lawrence  
Aegis (2009/Live2008) 
Johnny Guitar King 
โรส ศิรินทิพย์ Rose Sirintip (2009)  
P.M Project Orchestra 
Chirasak Panphum 
Nantapong Tossaporn & Auttaporn Khumpu Na Ayudthaya 
Music Box 
Fritz Koch 
Wolfgang Remo 
Max Oscar 
Al Ventura 

Terry Lee Ryan (2009) 
Ann-Mette Elten (2009) 
Eliza Lacerda (2009)  
DJ KAZI (2009)  
Jorge Zapata 
Top Hits Group 
Romantic Golden Guitar 
Garden on a Trampoline (2010/2017)  
Harmony Projector 
Christmas Band  
Lai (2010)  
The Sunshine Orchestra (2014)  
Daniele Tarantino 
Judson Mancebo  
Luis Cházary 
The Lovers 
アンジェラ・アキ Angela Aki (2010/2012) Japanese Lyrics:
Ron van Lankeren (2010)  
Judith Hildebrandt (2010)  
J. Costa 
Liquid Blue  
Andrew Waters 
Andreea Olariu 
Toy (2010/medley 2010
Steve Petrunak () inst 
     Popular Songs Music 
     Favorite Guitar Songs 
     Soft Background Music 
     70s Music 
     Music For Spas 
     The Soft Rock 
     Popular Songs For Guitar 
     Acoustic Instrumentals 
     Wine and Cheese Party Music 
     Guitar Acoustic 
     Sad Songs Music 
     Mellow Guitar Songs 
     Acoustic Guitar Tribute Players 
     Greatest Love Song Brothers 
     Soft Rock Players 
     Music Themes Group 
     Funeral Music Group 
     The O'Neill Brothers Group 
Nitta Moore 
Jamie Conway (2011) inst  
Brett Domino (2011) inst medley  
Maurice Phillips (2011) inst  
Juan Rey and His Indian Pipe Band  
Eric Dulle (2011/Live2010) inst  
Mellow Magic  
James Durbin (Live2011/Studio2011)  
Tony Rivers 
Ronn Benway 
Genghis Barbie (2011) inst  
Star of Reggae 
Love Band 
Sarayout Supunyo  
John Kincade (2011) medley  
Dj. Mc. Gregor 
Paweł Sobota (2011) inst  
Ben Cramer 
Troyano Cowboy Group (2011) 
The Remakers  
Pan Pipes Orchestra  
Sweet Voices (2012)  
Brad Dison 
Laurie Horn 
Chris Strickland (2012) 
Les Enfoirés (2012)  
John Owen-Jones (2012)  
The Rutabega (2012) 
Lielian & the 27 Forever Club (2012)  
Smooth Jazz All Stars 
Nikolay Kasakov 
Betty Blue (2012)  
Nicotine (2012)  
Gary Louris 

David Zyle 
matthews (2012) 
Александр Кривошапко (2012) 
Марсель Баранник 
Настя Петрик 
Quechua y su flauta de los Andes  
Los Hijos del Sol 
John Spanish  
Rob Warner (20sec/30sec/90sec 2013) cf  
Christopher the Conquered (2013) 
Johny Shadow  
James Wolpert (Live2013/Studio2013)  
Tokyo Jazz Lounge  
Jeff Gutt 
Tim Knol (2014/Live2014) 
Church of Betty (2014) 
Jamaica's Kingston Band 
Vanelis (2014)  
Leine Fontaine 

Giuseppe Sbernini  
Saxophone Dreamsound  
The Stat Band 
Panpipe Ensemble  
New Tribute Kings (2014)  
DJ MixMasters (2015)  
Richard & Adam  
Robert Deppe 
岡崎倫典 Rynten Okazaki (2014) inst  
THE SxPLAY (2014)  
DaNica Shirey (Live2014/Studio2014)  
Melissa Black (Vocal2014/Piano Karaoke2014)  
Michael Nelson Jr.  
前川清 Kiyoshi Maekawa (2015) 
Meredith Anne Bull (2015)  
Fausto di Mare  
Laurence Juber (2015)
Banda Eternity (2015)  
Love Eternity (2015)  
The Kolors 
Jock and Angus (2015) 
氷川きよし Kiyoshi Hikawa (Live2015) 
高見沢俊彦 (Live2015/Live2017)  
Piano Classics  
Kaye Malana-Cantong  
Sam Hinrichsen 
Chase Holfelder (2016)  
Crystal (2016)  
Türkan Kürşad (2016)  
Pete Muller (2016)  
W. Edding  
Kizomba Singers (2016)  
Marco Velocci (F Major/F Sharp Major/A Flat Major/C Sharp Major)(2016) inst  
Nini Estrada y su Órgano Melódico  
Adam Pascal (2016)  
The Covers' Factory & Alejandra Barella (2016)  
Sixx:A.M. (2016)  
Ali Caldwell (Live2016/Studio2016)  
Il Volo (2017) Catalan Lyrics:??  
Дарья Антонюк  
The Memories (2017)  
Double Decker Band (2008) 
Mark Rinzel (2008) 
Junction5 (2008) 
M & M (2009) 
Colin Tribe (2010) inst  
Rick Fugate (2011)  
江崎ちょちょ chochotakamuneek (2012) Japanese Lyrics: 江崎ちょちょ  
Renaud Delay (2012) 
Pom Petty (2012) 
Stevie Riks (2013) 
Niels Bonke (2013)
Reyhan Ghazali (2013) 
Joseph Warren (2015) 
Snow n Rain (2015)  
Мысли Вслух (Старое)  
Choir! Choir! Choir! (2017)  
The Harmonies Dude (2017)  
Pete & Tom


[A Is For Acetates] The Iveys - Xmas Disc

Coming soon...

A Is For Acetates CD

Limited to only 500 copies
 A Is For Acetates will bring to you a collection of the best songs previously issued on Apcor Records singles plus a selection of newly discovered gems - for the first time ever on CD! The album will be housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve!


Watch this space for further updates! The sensational track list will be revealed soon!

A Is For Acetates CD back

In order not to miss this fantastic release, make sure to pre-order your copy already now!

Order within Europe only 15 Euro incl. s& h
Rest of the world only 20 Euro incl. s&h

The Iveys - Christmas Record 


[Book] A is for Apple vol.1: 1966-1968 (April 2015)
Iveys Christmas

[Acetate] Iveys Christmas Record (1968)
Iveys Christmas Record Apple Acetate (1968)

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