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[Interview] The Stories Behind Badfinger's Straight Up album with Joey Molland (April 15, 2018)

[Interview] The Stories Behind Badfinger's Straight Up album with Joey Molland (April 15, 2018)
I’d Die Babe 

I had most of the lyrics, but a few of the lines were iffy to me, so I really wasn’t going to do it. It was George Harrison who really liked the song. He thought it was great—he thought it would be a single for us. So he sat down and worked on the lyrics with me. He was the guy who said, “What about ‘you make my daisy grow high?’” George played those low guitar licks—those are his. He and I played acoustic on the backing track, and of course Pete played the lead guitar solo and keyboard on that. But about the song itself: It’s just a fun little song with a nice groove to it. I haven’t really done that song on stage since back in the day. We do it now, and it really does pick the record up now—doesn’t it?
Day After Day 

He (Leon Russell) was incredible. He listened to the song once in the control room, went down into the studio, played it one time and then recorded the piano part. He heard the song three times and that was it. Absolutely gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. 

You know, he played guitar on "Suitcase" too. Yeah, a couple of days later he came by and we were doing "Suitcase" where George did that arrangement on it. Leon was listening to it and said to me, “I’ve got an idea for the guitar part, do you mind if I play it?” And I said, “No of course not.” And I gave him my guitar. So you know, in the second verse, that little stabby-accent thing? That’s Leon Russell playing that. He just put it in there on the other side of the beat. Just like that. He came up to me at the Bangladesh concert and said, “You wrote that song 'Suitcase', didn’t you? That’s a fantastic song, man?” Could you imagine Leon Russell telling you one of your songs was fantastic? 


[Book] Nick Talevski / Rock Obituaries: Knocking On Heaven's Door (1999)

Nick Talevski / Rock Obituaries: Knocking On Heaven's Door (1999) 
Nick Talevski  Rock Obituaries Knocking On Heaven's Door
Tom Evans (生年月日がJoeyのものになってて、亡くなった日も4日違う)

Mike Gibbins 

Pete Ham (生死とも1日ずれてる) 


[RR Auction] Badfinger Group of (4) Signed Checks (#775,776,840,843)

RR Auction
Lot 5162 - Badfinger Group of (4) Signed Checks (check#775,776,840,843) 
ESTIMATE: $400-$600 
STARTING BID: $200.00 
end: Mar 16, 2018 8:00 AM JST 
Lot 5162 RR Auction

Group of four scarce Badfinger Enterprises business checks, 8.25 x 3, made payable to members of the group for $1000 and $1500, each signed on the front by manager Stan Polley, dated March-June 1974. All are endorsed on the reverse by the recipient, with signers including: Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins, Tom Evans, and Joey Molland. In overall fine condition, with cancellation stamps slightly affecting the signatures. A great grouping from the classic Badfinger lineup.
同種の Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. の Signed Checks は時々オークションに出てきて、
 [autograph] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. Signed Checks (#642,652,690,691,692) 
 [RR Auction] Badfinger Set of (5) Signed Checks (#490,726,822,823,860) 

[Instagram] Art by nezmaccaham

Badfinger by nezmaccaham

Badfinger t
The Iveys t
HamMug by nezmaccaham

hamtastic gifts
hamtastic gifts by nezmaccaham

Badfinger-less Breaking Bad filter


[Instagram] Badfinger/Tom Evans/Pete Ham Art

Badfinger. New painting underway.
Badfinger New painting underway by Epellegrini

Olivia Dixon@artbysomethingpeppy
Badfinger by artbysomethingpeppy

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tom evans!!
Tom Evans by relovutionn
MAYOVICH • ART@mayovichart 
Pete Ham
Pete Ham by MayovichArt

Noel Thomas@cardiffipadartist

Mr. Red@donebymrred 
Pete Ham, 2017, acrylic on wood

Ray Borchers@raysharpieshirt

Lara Hull Oxblood@surgiteivenite
April 27

Tanya Denise@tanyadenisegram 
The 27 Bus - A Tribute to the 27 Club!


Badfinger hand-signed (January 20, 1973)

Badfinger hand-signed/autographed x4 paper;Pete Ham,Joey Molland,Tom Evans,Mike
Badfinger hand-signed (January 20, 1973, Convocation Center, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio) 
Badfinger hand-signed January 1973 Athens Ohio
Ended: Feb 02, 2018 , 3:33:47PM PST 
Winning bid:US $177.50 [ 14 bids ] 

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