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Peter Frampton Talks Talk Boxes and Recording 'All Things Must Pass'

Peter Frampton Talks Talk Boxes and Recording 'All Things Must Pass'
     12/07/2016 by Damian Fanell 
My contribution was acoustic guitar. I was involved in five of the basic tracks with Badfinger, all playing acoustic guitars, including George and myself. So there were about three of them. Well, there were at least five of us. You're talking about Phil Spector, so “More is more” [laughs].

There were at least five of us on acoustic guitars, and then Pete Drake, the steel player, came over half-way through during those five tracks, and we did some of the more country ones, like "If Not for You," which Bob Dylan had written. 


Tim Hardin - Midnight Caller / Perfection (1972)

Tim Hardin - Midnight Caller [P. Ham] 

Tim Hardin - Perfection [P. Ham] 

   [Recorded at Apple Studios] [Produced by Tony Meehan] [Engineered and mixed by Geoff Emerick] 
   [Guitar, Mandolin - Alan Ross や Electric Guitar - Peter Frampton なども参加] 
Tim Hardin CD Painted Head
Cash Box 19721014 Painted Head
Painted Head
1972/   LP   Columbia:KC 31764     Side:1-2. Midnight Caller   Side:2-2. Perfection 
1972/   LP   CBS:CBS 65209     Side:1-2. Midnight Caller   Side:2-2. Perfection 
Tim Hardin CBS 65209
1972/09/01   LP   CBS:SOPL-131     Side:1-2. Midnight Caller   Side:2-2. Perfection 
2007/10/08   CD   Beat Goes On:BGOCD778     2. Midnight Caller   7. Perfection 
Tim Hardin BGOCD778
Tim Hardin BGOCD778 back
2007/11/21   CD   Sony:SICP 1588     2. Midnight Caller   7. Perfection 
Tim Hardin SICP 1588 back

Simple Songs of Freedom: The Tim Hardin Collection 
1996/09/03   CD   Columbia/Legacy:CK 64858     12. Midnight Caller 
Tim Hardin CK 64858 back
Tim Hardin CK 64858


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