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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Magazine] Record Collector (2005)

Record Collector #317 (December 2005) 
Record Collector #317 Dec 2005 Mike f
Record Collector #317 Dec 2005 Mike c
cover: Kate Bush 
Record Collector #317 Dec 2005 cover


[Magazine] Record Collector (2010)

Record Collector #379 (September 2010) 
The articles included are “A is For Apple” – a salute “…to the Beatles’ final flourish of creativity”; an A-Z of the label and its artists; “The 2010 Re-Masters”, where Apple consultant Andy Davis talks about the 15 newly-remastered CDs released worldwide just this week; there’s a comprehensive Apple Records discography (complete with a price-guide for the rarities and not-so rarities); interviews with Mary Hopkin, Peter Asher, Patrick Olive (formerly of The Hot Chocolate Band), Jackie Lomax, and Joey Molland from Badfinger
cover: The Beatles 
Record Collector #379 (September 2010)


[Magazine] Record Collector (2000)

Record Collector #256 (December 2000) 
BADFINGER (4 pages) - The power-pop titans are back in the shops.  
Record Collector #256 (December 2000) c
cover: John Lennon 
Record Collector #256 (December 2000) cover


[Magazine] Record Collector (1988)

Record Collector #109 (September 1988) 
BADFINGER (2½ pages) - Peter Millen explains the tragic history of the pop band who were one of the earliest signings to the Apple label. 
cover: David Bowie 
Record Collector #109 (September 1988)


The rehearsal room at 6 Denmark Street, London

The Sex Pistols  Glen Matlock Interview
(Record Collector #104 April 1988)
Well, around this time we were slung out; then we got Johnny Rotten after that. We then rehearsed in some place near Rotherhithe a couple of times.  Then I saw this advert in Melody Maker
Tin Pan Alley rehearsal room for sale.
I showed that to Malcolm because we were looking for a rehearsal place and he said "Call 'em up and offer them £1000 without seeing it." So I called 'em up and I said, "Well I think my mate's mad but he's offering you £1000 without seeing the place." The bloke on the other end said "Oh, I think we can do business."
Malcolm got on the phone and started chatting and the other guy turned out to be Bill Collins - the father of Lewis Collins from "The Professionals". He used to manage the Mojos and Badfinger. It was actually Badfinger's rehearsal place, but they were selling everything off. He turned out to be a real good help to us, and we ended up getting it for next to nothing. We had to pay rent of course, but it was good having our own place.
Record Collector #104 Apr 1988
Jon Savage / England’s Dreaming (1991)

in September (1975) McLaren finally made a commitment to the group: when Glen (Matlock) found an advertisement for a rehearsal space in the Melody Maker, McLaren guaranteed the £1,000 deposit.

Owned by Bill Collins, the space comprised an attic over a small ground floor rehearsal room, reached by a crumbling passage between numbers 6 and 8 Denmark Street.

Jon Savage - England’s Dreaming


John Robb / Punk Rock: An Oral History (2006) 

Sex Pistols Glen Matlock


Denmark Street: the threatened birthplace of the British record industry

6 Denmark Street, former home of the Sex Pistols
No.Tom Vintage and Classic Guitars (6 Denmark Street)


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