[In The Studio show #496] Best of Badfinger 
In The Studio
first aired December 22, 1997, including cue sheet, 
radio show CD hosted by Redbeard,
features interviews & commentary by Mike Gibbins and Joey Molland,

Produced by Album Networks and Bullet Productions 
For radio play. Not for sale. 
Badfinger In The Studio
多分同じもの(cmをカットして、最後にマイクの死に関するコメントを追加?)が同番組のホストだった Redbeard のサイト In The Studio with Redbeard にアップされた。 

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Joey Molland and Mike Gibbins, tell the dashed dreams of the ill-fated quartet in this classic rock interview. – Redbeard 
Come And Get It, 
No Matter What, 
I'd Die Babe, 
Baby Blue, 
Just a Chance, 
Name of the Game, 
Sweet Tuesday Morning, 
Love is Gonna Come at Last