Ricki Disoni - Without You [Nilsson]
This Is Ricki Disoni r2
This Is Ricki Disoni 
1974/   LP   SRT:SRTF 73333     Side:2-5. Without You 
This Is Ricki Disoni a
This Is Ricki Disoni b
Ricki Disoni: Vocals (aka Gordon Waddison)
The Bob Taggart Orchestra 
Piano: Bob Taggart 
Bass: Cliff Sleigh 
Drums: Robbie Winter 
Guitar: Phil Brooke 
Trumpet: Mike Davis, Johnny Lambe, Roy Symonds 
Trombone: Nick Flood, John Lewis 
Reeds: Trevor Oerton, George Wellings, Cyril Fox, Alan Withers 
Live at The Talk of the Midlands Club 
Producer: Dave Richardson