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Happy 71th birthday, Ron!! (October 2, 2017)

Ron Griffiths (The Iveys, Badfinger) 
Ron Badfinger

[A Is For Acetates] The Iveys - Xmas Disc

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A Is For Acetates CD

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A Is For Acetates CD back

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The Iveys - Christmas Record 


[Book] A is for Apple vol.1: 1966-1968 (April 2015)
Iveys Christmas

[Acetate] Iveys Christmas Record (1968)
Iveys Christmas Record Apple Acetate (1968)

[BBC Radio Wales FM] Without You - The Badfinger Story (2008)

[BBC Radio Wales FM] Without You - The Badfinger Story (Jan 1, 2008) 
Without You - The Badfinger Story Jan 1 2008
[BBC Radio 6 music] The Story of Badfinger: Without You (Sep 6, 2010) 
The Story of Badfinger - Without You Sep 6, 2010

James Dean Bradfield of The Manic Street Preachers presents this moving account of the history of Badfinger. It was first aired on New Years Day 2008 with contributions and archive footage from Paul McCartney, Pete Ham, Tommy Evans, Bob Jackson, Ron Griffiths, Petera Ham, Marianne Evans, Ellie Gibbins, Bev Tucker, Deke Leonard, Dan Matovina and Bill Collins. 
The Badfinger Book
Validation from BBC Wales (Tuesday, January 01, 2008) 


Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records (2012)

Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records trailer (2012) 

Runtime: 2 hours, 42 minutes 
Strange Fruit DVD
The Iveys, Badfinger 
Strange Fruit Ron
Strange Fruit Iveys
Strange Fruit Badfinger
Strange Fruit Joey
Strange Fruit DVD back


The Iveys ( Badfinger ) Live June 7, 1966 - buy CD

PURCHASE The Iveys Anthology: Volume 1
Live in Neath, S. Wales, June 7, 1966 (link below)
or email inquiry to

The legendary show that The Iveys/Badfinger future manager, Bill Collins taped in their hometown to study and decide if the band was ready for a professional career based in London, England.

Mightily impressed, Collins convinced the young men's parents to let them give up apprenticeships to pursue their dreams.

Pete Ham, Ron Griffiths, David Jenkins and Mike Gibbins comprise of this excellent band, of which you will hear some samples here. Just teenagers at the time, except for David, who was 20, the band is super-tight and on fire. 

They were destined to become the legendary Badfinger ! 

If this project sells all of it's limited edition, more CDs of other music should be in line for fans to study the origins of Badfinger. That would be the musical legacy of The Iveys, from 1966-69.

Thanks to Ron Griffths of The Iveys for setting this project in motion. 
The Iveys 1965

[2017] Origins: The Iveys Anthology 届いた Live at The Empire: June 7, 1966

The Iveys June 7, 1966 back
The Iveys June 7, 1966
この Bill Collins による録音は 1966年6月7日。この年の3月11日に初めて The Iveys の演奏を見た彼は、その後も手紙でアドバイスを送リ続けており、ロンドンから彼らの成長ぶりを見に来ての録音だった。 
その後、Iveys は6月24日にロンドンに呼ばれ、David Garrick のバックバンドのオーディションを受け、合格し、7月8日からプロとしてのツアーが始まる。
The Iveys のプロへのスタート前後は、Beatles の来日公演(6月30日から3日間) とちょうど重なっていたことになる。 
Dan Matovina とともにテープをCD化をした Kevin McElligott は、これまでにも何度か Badfinger 関連の仕事をしてきた人。伝記本 Without You を読み「レコーディング・エンジニアをしているので今後何か手伝えるようなことがあったら声をかけて」と作者の Dan に手紙を出したのがきっかけ。その後 Dan から、BBCの Badfingerの特集番組のプレゼンで使う Pete と Tom のインタビュー・テープの雑音除去などの依頼が入った。他にも Mike が持っていた 1982年のライブカセットのCD化もしている。
1965年春の Mike 加入直後の最初のプロモフォト。 
The Iveys 1965

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