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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Magazine] Ugly Things #40 (Fall/Winter 2015)

Ugly Things #40 (Fall/Winter 2015) 
Ugly Things #40 FallWinter 2015

Replacement drummer for Mike Gibbins (Spring 1972) 
Stu Boy King (The Dictators 1973-75) was interviewed by Ugly Things magazine in in 2015.
He somehow got acquainted with Stan Polley. Polley hooked him up with Badfinger. Stu Boy was living in Bandfinger's recording studio for a period of time and the band seemed interested in hiring him as a drummer. They backed off because of potential visa/travel complications. 
Ugly Things #40 Stu Boy King
Punk magazine #11 (October/November 1977) by John Holmstrom 
Punk #11 1977
(1973) The Dictators put out ads and auditioned drummers and chose Stu Boy King, mostly because he had a nice set of drums and a rich millionaire detective father. 
Martin H. Samuel 
4度目のUSツアーの開始1ヶ月前、Mike Gibbins が一時 Badfinger を抜けた時(May - Jul 1972)、オーディションを受けたひとり。 
When Badfinger were auditioning for a Mike Gibbins replacement, Martin H. Samuel managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by failing to own up to being a songwriter. He'd been conditioned into believing bands didn't want song-writing drummers so, when asked by Pete Ham, he denied he was skilled in such ways not knowing that they wanted an all-writing band. 


[Horoscope] アーティストのホロスコープを勝手に読む

アーティストのホロスコープを勝手に読む  by doyle2suki 
悲運のロックバンド バッドフィンガー Badfinger Pete Ham の Horoscope を勝手に読む
Peter William Ham (April 27, 1947 - April 24, 1975)
Badfinger バッドフィンガーを自殺に追いやった詐欺師 スタン・ポリー Stan Polley の Horoscope を勝手に読む
Stanley Herbert  Polley (April 7, 1922 - July 20, 2009)

[RR Auction] Badfinger Set of (5) Signed Checks (Feb 09 - 16, 2017)

Auction opens Feb 09, 2017 & ends Feb 16, 2017
#7227 - Badfinger Set of (5) Signed Checks (check#490,726,822,823,860)
#7227 - Badfinger Set of (5) Signed Checks
Description                           Estimate: $1,000+          
Set of five Badfinger Enterprises checks, each 8.25 x 3, filled out in another hand and signed by manager Stan Polley, individually made payable to Joseph Molland, Peter Ham, Michael Gibbons, Thomas Evans, and manager William Collins, with each recipient endorsing the reverse, dated between 1972 and 1974. In overall fine condition. 
その後、2017年6月に全く同じものが Heritage Auctions にも登場。 
Entertainment, Music & Posters Auction #7161 
LOT #89559 Badfinger Group of Member-Signed Checks (1972/74).... 
Badfinger Group of Member-Signed Checks (1972/74). Five checks total, all from the National Bank of North America, each signed/endorsed by the payee in ink on the verso. One made out to each member of the most famous lineup of the British Rock band, including the late Pete Ham (Jan. 1974, for $1000.00), late bassist Tom Evans (May 1974, for $1500.00), Joey Molland (May 1974, for $1500.00), and drummer Mike Gibbins (Oct. 1974, for $1500.00). The fifth check, dated November 22, 1972 is made out for four hundred dollars, to Badfinger's manager, Bill Collins. All checks exhibit regular stamps and cancellation marks, and measure approximately 8.25" x 3.25". 
同種の Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. の Signed Checks は時々オークションに出てきて、2004年に出品された5枚セット(check#642,652,690,691,692)は 
[autograph] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. 

Al Kooper (April/May 2004)

Al Kooper (April/May 2004) 
271 :ホワイトアルバムさん:04/04/20 00:54 ID:76k1DdP+

2004年4月8日 0:02 
I did work on a great version of Name Of The Game that I don't have 
a copy of but I'm sure a 'popper does. It's unreleased (of course) 
and it has Al's organ and remix. I toured with them a lot (we played 
Carnegie Hall together) They were great guys. 

Al "Goodfinger" Kooper 
Badfinger Carnegie Hall
289ホワイトアルバムさん:04/05/25 08:17 ID:GYsHLpLr

2004年5月24日 12:17 
Badfinger & I were managed by Stan Polley. We were also both booked by Jeff 
Franklin at ATI, so we toured together a great deal and even co-headlined Carnegie 
Hall. Their record company asked me to remix and add organ to a track they did 
so it could be released as a single. I went to the studio and worked all night on that 
project. It was a version of Name Of the Game that had a full orchestra on it. I 
overdubbed an organ and spent all night remixing it. Never came out. It was pretty 
darn good, too! 

Stan Polley is quite a character. He "manged" us, The Tokens, Lou Christie, 
Charlie Calello, Irwin Levine, Neil Bogart, Kenny Kerner & Richie Wise, and a 
few others. He extracted zillions of dollars from us, and then quietly disappeared 
to Palm Springs, where he resides today, in his late '80s. He got most of my Lynyrd 
Skynyrd money, all of Badfinger's, and probably a lot of the others mentioned. He 
was NOT a stupid man, he just had no regard for the human condition. In retrospect, 
he ruined my life financially until I got away from him and pulled myself up off the 
ground in the late '80s. He was not the only villain in my life, but a memorable one. 

G'night for now, 
Old Al Kooper 

Tom Evans / 1972 Porsche Targa

Tom Evans / 1972 Porsche Targa 
Badfinger Enterprises Inc. business check 
1972 Porsche Targa #9112111344 Aug 11, 1972
August 11, 1972 
Porsche / Audi Manhattan 
Stan Poses (vice-president of Badfinger Enterprises Inc.) 
Deposit On New 1972 Porsche Targa Ser. # 9112111344 as per Agreement 
この Ser. # から 1972 Porsche 911T Targa #1344 ということが判明 
1972-74 Porsche's Vehicle identification number 
# 911 2 1 1 1344 
911 --- model name (911 = 911 / 930 = 930) 
2 --- model year (0-9 = 70-79 years) 
1 --- engine type (1 = T / 2 = E / 3 = S / 4 = Carrera / 5 = US / 6 = RS) 
1 --- body type (0 = Coupe / 1 = Targa) 
1344 --- serial number 

.... concluding their fourth American tour on August 9, 1972. .... 
Tom claimed that Polley asked him, "What is it you want?" Tom thought a bit and said, "A midnight blue Porsche with a black leather interior." The next day Tom alleged he went outside his hotel room and sitting in the parking lot was a dark blue Porsche Targa! .... Marianne "Tom told me he thought Polley had bought the car just to show he had easy access to money; to give Tom the impression he could get him anything he wanted." .... Mike "Tommy comes back with a Porsche on a boat, with a New York license plate."     Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger    by Dan Matovina 
同じ色、型の車を探していたら、色違いだけど近い番号の車を eBay で発見 
1972 Porsche 911T Targa #1774 
1972 Porsche 911T Targa
1972 Porsche 911T Targa #1774
1972 Porsche 911T Targa (Gemini Blue) 色はこちらが近そう 



Song Parodies - Stan Polley Want a Cracker: Badfinger

Original Song Title: "Polly (aka: Polly Want a Cracker)"
Original Performer: Nirvana

Parody Song Title: "Stan Polley Want a Cracker: Badfinger"
Parody Written by: Mick Terry

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