The Rambler  [Texas Wesleyan College, Fort Worth, Texas] 
The Rambler (September 23, 1970) 
The Rambler September 23, 1970
The Rambler (October 21, 1970) 
The Rambler October 21, 1970
The Rambler October 21, 1970 b
The Rambler (October 28, 1970) 
The Rambler October 28, 1970
The Rambler (November 11, 1970) 
The Rambler November 11, 1970
The Rambler (November 18, 1970) 
The Rambler November 18, 1970
TXWECO, Yearbook of Texas Wesleyan College, 1971 
Components of the sound of Badfinger were
Pete Ham on vocals, guitar and piano 
Mike Gibbons on bass 
Tom Evans on lead guitar 
Chris Greenhill on drums [sic] 
The liveliest numbers of the concert were 
Friends of the Night 
Feeling Alright 
Come and Get It 
October 22, 1970 
Fine Arts Auditorium, Texas Wesleyan College, Fort Worth, Texas 
   with George Stevens (comedian, d. September 20, 1973)  the plane crashed into a pecan tree at the end of the runway, killing Jim Croce and everyone else aboard. 
 [Yearbook] Texas Wesleyan College (1971)