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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


The Mojos - Seven Park Avenue (1968)

The Mojos  by Nick Warburton 
1962-63 The Nomads 
Keith Karlson(b), Jon "Bob" Conrad(d), Adrian Lord(g), Stu James(v,k), Terry O'Toole(k) 
1963/08 The Mojos 
Keith Karlson(b), Jon "Bob" Conrad(d), Stu James(v,k), Terry O'Toole(k), Nicky Crouch(g) 
Stu James(v,k), Nicky Crouch(g), Aynsley Dunbar(d), Lewis Collins(b) 
Stu James(v,k), Nicky Crouch(g), Martin Smith(d), Deke Vernon(b) 
The Mojos - Seven Park Avenue (1968/06) side: B 
  Stu James(v,k), Martin Smith(d), Eddie Harnett(g,v), Duncan Campbell(b,v) 

Until My Baby Comes Home (1968) side: A 

NME (June 8, 1968) 
NME 1968-06-08 Mojos
The Mojos - Seven Park Avenue
1968 The Mojos 
 Stu James(v,k), Eddie Harnett(g,v), Duncan Campbell(b,v), Tony House(d) 
1969 Natural Birth 
 Stu James(v,k), Eddie Harnett(g,v), Duncan Campbell(b,v), Danny Barbour(d) 
The New Mojos 
 Eddie Harnett(g,v), Duncan Campbell(b,v), Danny Barbour(d), Cliff Barks(v) 
 Lewis Collins has died aged 67 (November 27, 2013) 


Lewis Collins has died aged 67 (November 27, 2013)

the Unofficial Lewis Collins fansite 
Lewis Collins passed away peacefully at home in California on Wednesday (November 27, 2013) surrounded by his family, after a long battle with cancer. 
Lewis Collins
Meanwhile back at 7 Park Avenue, Bill had become involved with a young Welsh group called The Iveys. He was so convinced of their talent that he persuaded them all to leave Swansea and come to London, to live in the house at Golders Green. It was quite a squeeze – the Mojos members had a bedroom each; Bill had his own room which doubled as his office; another room was used as a mini recording studio, and The Kinks' road manager, Dave Duffield, lived there too. So The Iveys set up camp in the living room and from here they began their fateful foray into the music business as Badfinger. Following this experience, both The Mojos and, posthumously, Pete Ham of Badfinger, would later release recordings entitled 7 Park Avenue.
The Professsionals / 特捜班CI-5  (1978-83)
The Professionals 特捜班CI-5
RIP Lewis Collins (May 27, 1946 - November 27, 2013) 

The Mojos (1965) 
Stu James (v,k).  Nicky Crouch (g).  Aynsley Dunbar (d).  Lewis Collins (b)
Comin' On To Cry (1965)

Wait A Minute (1965) 

 Lewis Collins / This Is Your Life (December 8, 1982) 

Liverpool Echo  Mike McCartney's tribute to Wirral-born actor Lewis Collins 

 The Mojos - Seven Park Avenue (1968) 

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