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Joey Molland / Interview & Acoustic Performance (May 29, 2011)

Joey Molland / Interview & Acoustic Performance before KQRS Rock Stock (May 29, 2011) 
Sweet Tuesday Morning 
I wrote this about Kath. When I sing it on stage that's what I think of. I think about Kath. It gives me a smile on stage. 
Jealous Guy 
[recordings with John Lennon] John was there. He sang 'Jealous Guy' to us. I got off my seat and sat down right on the floor in front of him, got my guitar out and learned the song. 
My Babe 
[audition for the Iveys] I sang the Righteous Brothers' song 'My Babe.'  It was a popular song around Liverpool in those days. 
Without You 
It was Bill Collins who suggested we join their two ideas. He wanted us to do a big version. But Pete got mad. He said ''No, we're a rock band.'' He was serious about being a rock band, so they argued about it. 

Cheap Trick with Joey Molland - Magical Mystery Tour (KQRS Rock Stock, May 29, 2011) 

KQRS Rock Stock (May 29, 2011)



[謎] Badfinger - Day After Day b/w Suitcase (1972)

バッドフィンガー Badfinger - Day After Day デイ・アフター・デイ (Apple: AR-2953) 1972-02-05 発売 
Apple AR-2953

Side: A.   Day After Day 
Side: B.   Sweet Tuesday Morning 
AR-2953 Sweet Tuesday Morning
Side: B.   The actual song is "Suitcase" 
AR-2953 Suitcase
表記とは異なり、実際に収録されている曲は Suitcase 
スリーブの裏面にはAB面2曲の歌詞が書かれていて、当然 Day After Day と Sweet Tuesday Morning の歌詞。ラジオ局でB面を流すと Suitcase が流れちゃうんだけど、問題なかったのかな? 
Matrix を比べてみると 
Promo盤  (Side A Runout stamped): APPLE-40A 2S 
Promo盤  (Side B Runout stamped): APPLE-40B 2S 
Regular盤 (Side A Runout stamped): APPLE-40A 2S 
Regular盤 (Side B Runout stamped): APPLE-40B-Z 1S 

 [謎] Badfinger - Know One Knows (1975) 
 [謎] Badfinger - Know One Knows b/w Just a Chance (1975) 

Abdul Rashid - Apple of My Eye / Day After Day / We're for the Dark / Sweet Tuesday Morning

Abdul Rashid - Apple of My Eye (2017) 

Abdul Rashid - Day After Day (2016) 

Abdul Rashid - We're for the Dark (2015) 

Abdul Rashid - Sweet Tuesday Morning (2015) 



The Reign - No Matter What (2016)

The Reign - No Matter What [Pete Ham] (Rough Mix) (Ben Laffin Rose Lead vocals) 

Joe Caravella: Guitars/Vocals/Keyboards 
Rob Postrel: Drums & Vocals
Ben Laffin Rose: Bass/Vocals
Frank Persico: Guitar/Backing Vocals 
Joe Caravella (of The Reign) - Sweet Tuesday Morning [Joey Molland] (Dec. 2009) 



You could meet British Rock Star Joey Molland of Badfinger (Oct 10, 2015)

You could meet British Rock Star Joey Molland of Badfinger next Saturday (Oct 10, 2015 Larcom Theatre is conveniently situated in downtown Beverly, MA)

You can enter a contest to win an exclusive back-stage meet & greet with Joey and the band before the show next Saturday.

The Larcom Theatre Beverly, Ma. (Oct 10, 2015)

Speaking of Sunday, Joey Molland will be Cha-Chi Loprete’s guest on his famous WZLX radio show, Breakfast with the Beatles on WZLX - Sunday Mornings, 8am. Be sure to listen in on 100.7FM or online

[WBBZ-TV] Music Legends Fight Hunger on "Talk of the Town" (Mar 26, 2015)

Music Legends Fight Hunger on "Talk of the Town" (Mar. 26 / 29, 2015)
WBBZ TV March 2015 Joey
March 26, 2015 (Thursday at 9 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.) / Sunday 11 a.m. on WBBZ-TV

Ladies First - Sweet Tuesday Morning (feat. Joey Molland)

Ladies First - Sweet Tuesday Morning (feat. Joey Molland) - Single

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