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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


kenrg - Take It All / Without You (2020)

2020/03/29   Take It All 

2020/05/20   Without You 



Badfinger Webcast - Help Us Roll Again

Joey Molland 
Joey Molland
 Walk Out In The Rain 
 Come and Get It   - 9:20 

Mark Healey - 19:00 
Gregg Inhofer - 29:00 
Joey + Gregg + Mark 
Take It All
 Take It All 
 Baby Blue 
 No Matter What 



Badfinger / Set of Six complete and unedited (May 1972)

Badfinger / Set of Six (Granada TV Manchester, England, UK) 
     rec.1972-05-03   on air 1972-05-23 6:30-7:00pm 
Set of 6 Badfinger a
Set of 6 Badfinger b
Set of 6 Badfinger c
Set of 6 Badfinger d
Set of 6 Badfinger t
Set of 6 Badfinger j
Set of 6 Badfinger p
Set of 6 Badfinger m
Set of 6 Badfinger end
Set of 6 Badfinger 1972

すぐ削除されて、Bootleg/DVD が登場した。 
 [Bootleg/DVD] Badfinger / Set of Six: Granada TV Master 1972 (DVDR) 

 Badfinger / Set of Six (live Granada TV 1972) 

[Reaction] Badfinger - Day After Day (Fish Out Of Water Series)

Tre Narcisse / Badfinger - Day After Day Reaction (FOOW) (April 18, 2020) 

Tre Narcisse / Badfinger - Day After Day Reaction (May 22, 2018) 

Tre Narcisse
Tre Narcisse / Badfinger - Take It All Reaction (FOOW) (April 18, 2020) 

Tre Narcisse / Badfinger - It's Over Reaction (FOOW) (April 18, 2020) 

 [Reaction] Badfinger - Dennis (Fish Out Of Water Series) 

 [Reaction] Badfinger - Baby Blue (Fish Out Of Water Series) 


Dyna Records (Philippines)

Dyna Records or Dyna Music is the "first independent record and music entertainment company" in the Philippines. 
日本で言えば 東芝EMI みたいに、フィリピンで Apple のレコードを発売していた。 
The Iveys / Badfinger のシングル発売の種類は世界一? (日本は2番かな?) 
002 Maybe Tomorrow / And Her Daddy's a Millionair
013 Come and Get It / Rock of All Ages
016 Midnight Sun / Walk In the Rain

023 No Matter What / Carry On Till Tomorrow
025 Without You / We're for the Dark

026 Love Me Do / Believe Me
この時点での記事 (Billboard, September 4, 1971) 
Billboard 19710904 Dyna
032 Day After Day / Sweet Tuesday Morning
034 Name of the Game / Perfection

035 I'd Die Babe / Flying

036 Take It All / Baby Blue

040 Apple of My Eye / When I Say
Dyna's Dynamic Ten  DDT-411 (Feb 1970  promo) 
   Side:1-2.  9) Come and Get It - Badfinger 
Dynamic Ten Dyna DDT 411
Dynamic Ten Dyna DDT 411 b
Dynamic Ten Dyna DDT 411 r
SAPCOR 16  No Dice 
No Dice Parlophone Dyna


12 Questions with Derrick Anderson

I'm from Toledo, Ohio and started playing bass at 15. Joined my first band at 17 with some high school friends and moved to Los Angeles in 1990. Within a few years, I began gigging with my band The Andersons! (with Robbie Rist on guitar) as a part of the burgeoning LA power pop scene.
That led to playing on a pair of posthumous Pete Ham (Badfinger) releases, 7 Park Avenue and Golders Green, touring on bass with Dave Davies from The Kinks in the early aughts, filling in with The Smithereens, The Cowsills, playing and recording with Steve Barton (of Translator fame) and finally playing and recording with The Bangles from ’08 to the present. I also do the occasional gig with Matthew Sweet. 
Pete Ham - Helping Hand (1975) 

Derrick Anderson (bass guitar Overdubs) 
Badfinger's Pete Ham: An Evening of Tributes (Apr 24, 2016)
Derrick Anderson - Take It All 

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