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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Cave States - Take It All (April 29, 2016)

Cave States - Take It All 

Cave States / True Life 
2016/04/29   CD    Undertow Music Collective:CS002     10. Take It All 
Cave States - True Life
Cave States is a St. Louis based band featuring songwriters Chris Grabau, Danny Kathriner, Todd Schnitzer, and John Higgins with Joey Dresslaer and Eric Hensley.
New album, True Life will be available on April 29, 2016. (CD and digital formats)

they include a cover of Badfinger’s Take It All which, with percussion that sounds like bursts from a steam release valve, actually calls to mind the early Bee Gees. - Mike Davies



The Bird - Take It All (2002)

The Bird - Take It All [Pete Ham]
     Frank Barajas (v), Mike Fishell (g,k,perc), Jeff Maulhardt (b)
2002/04/15   CD   Phantom Records:CD0001     Remembering Badfinger     9.Take It All 
Remembering Badfinger (2002)
Frank Barajas - Alone (2008)   Litte Red Corvette (2008)   Better Times Better Days (2008)
Frank Barajas
Frank Barajas - It's Only Love (2014)

The Corsican Brothers Band     Frank Barajas (v,g), JD Wolff (d), Nigel Taylor (d)
Baby Fades into Black (2010)

The Girl Who Radiates That Charm (2010)

Mike Fishell - One After 909 (2010)
Mike Fishell
Fish Fry - Come Together R U Experienced (2010)
Mike Fishell & John Welborn, guitar & vocals
Roy Fishell, keyboards
Miles Fishell, drums
Nathan Selfridge, bass
Jeffrey Wayne Maulhardt
Jeffrey Wayne Maulhardt


Kevin Camp / Straight Up 9 (2008-2014)

Kevin Camp 
Kevin Camp up
Take It All (2008)

Baby Blue (2012)

Flying (2008)

I'd Die Babe (2013)

Name of the Game (2008)

Suitcase (2008)

Day After Day (2014)

Perfection (2008)

It's Over (2008)

Kevin Camp


posturex1 / Straight Up 8 (2008-2014)

posturex up
Take It All (2008)

Baby Blue (2011)

Money / Flying (2011)

Day After Day (2011)

Sometimes (2012)

Perfection (2014)

It's Over (2012)



Todd Rundgren - Take It All (2011)

Todd Rundgren - Take It All [Pete Ham] 

Todd Rundgren / (RE)production 
2011/09/13   CD   Gigatone:GCD 382     9. Take It All 
Todd Rundgren - [re]Production back
Todd Rundgren - [re]Production 2
Todd Rundgren - [re]Production 0
Bruce Whetstone at the board with Todd Rundgren 


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