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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


3年6ヶ月経ったので、方針変換。 合いの手係を募集します。 やりたい人連絡して(2016/12/13) (2017/06/12終了)

[A Is For Acetates] The Iveys - Xmas Disc

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The Iveys - Christmas Record 


[Book] A is for Apple vol.1: 1966-1968 (April 2015)
Iveys Christmas

[Acetate] Iveys Christmas Record (1968)
Iveys Christmas Record Apple Acetate (1968)

Sail Away (Tom Evans)

Sail Away [Tom Evans (vocals) and Nicky Hopkins (piano)] 
Joey Molland, Joe Tansin, Tom Evans, Nicky Hopkins 1979
Joey Molland, Joe Tansin, Tom Evans and Nicky Hopkins 

He (Tom Evans) told me (Scott Jensen?) this was his answer to Pete's Name of the Game, and that he was basically talking to Pete. 



[BBC Radio Wales FM] Without You - The Badfinger Story (2008)

[BBC Radio Wales FM] Without You - The Badfinger Story (Jan 1, 2008) 
Without You - The Badfinger Story Jan 1 2008
[BBC Radio 6 music] The Story of Badfinger: Without You (Sep 6, 2010) 
The Story of Badfinger - Without You Sep 6, 2010

James Dean Bradfield of The Manic Street Preachers presents this moving account of the history of Badfinger. It was first aired on New Years Day 2008 with contributions and archive footage from Paul McCartney, Pete Ham, Tommy Evans, Bob Jackson, Ron Griffiths, Petera Ham, Marianne Evans, Ellie Gibbins, Bev Tucker, Deke Leonard, Dan Matovina and Bill Collins. 
The Badfinger Book
Validation from BBC Wales (Tuesday, January 01, 2008) 


Doing Business As Badfinger 1982 (Feb 2002)

Badfinger / "DBA-BFR" (Doing Business As Badfinger) 
     1982 Live in Concert 
     The Bluebird, Bloomington, IN (October 19, 1982) 
2002/02   CDr   Exile Music:
     remastered by Kevin McElligott 
DBA-BFR 1982
DBA-BFR 1982 i
Badfinger 1982a
Badfinger 1982b
Tom Evans,  Bob Jackson,  Reed Kailing,  Mike Gibbins,  Donny Dacus 
Badfinger - Sooner or Later [Tom Evans] 

Badfinger - Rock and Roll Me Over [Reed Kailing] 

Reed Kailing / Raw, Rare, Well-Done 
2009/07/26   CD/mp3     1. Rock and Roll Me Over 4:34   15. Rock and Roll Me Over (live) 5:45 [DBA-BFR と同じもの] 


Tom Evans 1971/1973

Tom gif 1973

Tom gif 1

Tom gif 2

Magic Christian Music by The Iveys

Paul McCartney のアイディアだと 
こんな感じだったらしい。 で、作ってみた。 
Magic Christian Music by The Iveys

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