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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Newspaper/ad] Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat (Sep/Oct 1983)

Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat [Chateaugay, N.Y.]  (Weekly Newspaper) 
September 28, 1983 
Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat Sep 28, 1983
October 5, 1983 
Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat Oct 5, 1983
Tom 最後のライブは September 30, 1983 らしいので、この広告の October 9 公演は中止? 
別の新聞(October 6 付)には October 13 (Lone Star Cafe, NYC) の予定もあった。 


[Airwaves] Hand Signed by 3 Original Members - Read True Story

まず最初に Tom からサインをもらう。 "Stuart, Thanks, Tom Evans"
Tony Kaye からもサインをもらう。 [サインした場所を考えると、Tom よりも先に書いたのかも]
数年後 Joey にも追記してもらおうとしたら、Joey は Tony Kaye のサインを消してから "Fuck You Tony"
そして 右下の空欄に "I Love You, Joey Molland"
それから10数年後、Mike は "I've got it!" と言ってから
"You Suck, You Cunts, Mike Gibbins" とサイン。

左上の Tony Kay と その下の Tom はペンが細い。たぶんそれと同時(Tom の直前?)に右上にも誰か書いている?


[Newspaper] Chicago Tribune (April 15, 1979)

Chicago Tribune (April 15, 1979)
     For the Badfinger band, the bad times may be over   by Lynn Van Matre
Chicago Tribune (April 15 1979) a
Chicago Tribune (April 15 1979) b

 [Newspaper] The Evening Independent / Fort Lauderdale News (April 1979) 

[Magazine] Rolling Stone #293 (June 14, 1979)

Rolling Stone:   bi-weekly American magazine

Rolling Stone #293 (June 14, 1979)
     Badfinger's return: a long and winding road   by Salley Rayl 
Rolling Stone #293 June 14 1979
Rolling Stone June 14, 1979 Badfinger
cover: Cheap Trick
Rolling Stone #293 June 14 1979 cover
Iowa City Press-Citizen (May 16, 1979)  [Iowa City, Iowa] 
Badfinger's re-formation could be a re-success   by Sally Rayl   地方紙は全部 Sally Rayl 
The San Bernardino County Sun (May 16, 1979)  [San Bernardino, California] 
Badfinger back together with classic British pop   by Sally Rayl 
The Jackson Sun (May 18, 1979)  [Jackson, Tennessee] 
Badfinger fights memofies to regroup   by Sally Rayl 
The Tuscaloosa News (May 18, 1979)  [Tuscaloosa, Alabama] 
Badfinger strives to revive prowess   by Sally Rayl 
Chillicothe Gazette (May 19, 1979)  [Chillicothe, Ohio] 
Badfinger back together   by Sally Rayl 
Lansing State Journal (May 19, 1979)  [Lansing, Michigan] 
Badfinger booms back   by Sally Rayl 
Asbury Park Press (May 20, 1979)  [Asbury Park, New Jersey] 
Badfinger, A Reunion That Can't Fail   by Sally Rayl 
Daily Record (May 20, 1979)  [Morristown, New Jersey] 
Badfinger A Natural For '79 Marketplace   by Sally Rayl 
Press and Sun-Bulletin (May 20, 1979)  [Binghamton, New York] 
Badfinger puts the Beatles behind it   by Sally Rayl 
The Times (May 20, 1979)  [Shreveport, Louisiana] 
Badfinger back again   by Sally Rayl 
Courier express (May 21, 1979)  [Buffalo, New York] 
Thumbs Up! Badfinger Group Back Together   by Sally Rayl 
The Orlando Sentinel (May 23, 1979)  [Orlando, Florida] 
Badfinger reunion produces 'Airwaves'   by Sally Rayl 
Philadelphia Daily News (September 29, 1979)  [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] 
Bad times Are Over for Badfinger   by Sally Rayl 
The Journal News (October 4, 1979)  [White Plains, New York] 
'Badfinger' regroups out of Beatles' shadow   by Sally Rayl 
 [Newspaper] Tuscaloosa News (1979) 


[Bootleg] Badfinger / Tommy's Last Stand (1983)

Badfinger / Tommy's Last Stand (1983)
Badfinger - Tommy's Last Stand (1983)

Recorded at The Rusty Nail
Sunderland, MA
September 23, 1983
Badfinger  Tommy's Last Stand back
Tony Kaye, Tom Evans, Bob Jackson, Glenn Sherba and Lenny Campanero 
bw-c Badfinger 1983

Lenny Campanero [
1984-85 Iron Butterfly] 
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lenny Campanaro’s drumming can only be categorized as pushing/powerful and heavy…a cross between John Bonham and Tax legend Al Jackson. Lenny first toured at the ripe-old-age of 17 and since then as provided percussive excellence with the late Randy California of Spirit, Badfinger, as well as Iron Butterfly. A Warner Brothers recording project produced by Eddie Van Halen brought Lenny’s band out on the road for 45 dates opening for Van Halen’s OU812 Tour in various stadiums and arenas including a sold out date at New York’s Madison Square Garden.
Campanaro hails from L.A. where Eddie Van Halen produced two of his albums on the Warner label with a band called Private Life. He's toured with Eddie Money and now backs Joanne Taylor around town.
この録音の前日、同じマサチューセッツ州の ケンブリッジのJonathan Swift's Clubでもほぼ同様の2セットのショーがあり、それを見た人の感想。
ステージでの彼は陽気だった。観客はあまりいなかったが、その大半は熱心なファンだと思われた。最初のステージではこんなことがあった。トムが着ていたジャケットやベストを気に入ったらしい若者が、なんとかそれをせしめようと、しきりにトムに絡んでちょうだいちょうだい攻撃。あまりにうるさいのでトムはジャケットをその若者に与えた。観客も若者が邪魔なので、もうさっさと消えろ! と帰れコール。結局彼はクラブを立ち去った。
実際に見たり聴いたりしたこの時点での感想は、このラインナップでも将来的には成功もあるんじゃないかな というものだった。ただ、唯一の気がかりは、トムの大量飲酒で、それはこの日の2回のステージ、そしてその間の休憩時間も続いていた。


Bob Schell / Spider Cobb (The Hollywood Squares)

Bob Schell - 1979 The Midnight Special
Bob Schell - 1979
Bob Schell, Joey, Tom - 1979 The Midnight Special
The Hollywood Squares (1977-78)  Los Angeles 1st generation punk rock
The Hollywood Squares
r to l
   Eddie Vincent - guitar, vocals
   Tad Malone - drums, vocals
   Spider Cobb [Bob Schell] - bass, keyboards, vocals 
1978/   Square Records/Bomp:SQ 001   Hillside Strangler b/w Hollywood Square

The Hollywood Squares - Hillside Strangler (1978) 
The Hollywood Squares - Hillside Strangler (1978) r
2006/11/24   CD   BluSide Records:   Hillside Strangler!: Restrangled 
The Hollywood Squares - Hillside Strangler Restrangled (2006)
Badfinger (1979 The Midnight Special) : 
The Midnight Special 1979
Bob Schell, Joey Molland, Tom Evans, Tony Kaye & Pete Clarke 
Badfinger - Lookout California

Badfinger - Love Is Gonna Come At Last

Badfinger - The Winner

Bob Schell - 1979 The Midnight Special
Bob Schell Music


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