Glenn Sherba

The Lawyers  1977-

The Offenders 2

The Offenders / The Offenders (1980)
The Offenders (1980) r1
このアルバムでは自作曲が多いみたいです。 Say No More でも何か収録されていればよかったのにね。
Glenn Sherba (g)   ex-The Lawyers,   Badfinger, Commander Cody
Randy Rand (b)   ex-The Lawyers,   Autograph
Randy Castillo (d)   Lita Ford Band, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe
The Offenders 1
Badfinger / Say No More (1981)  と 1983年の Tom 最後の Badfinger のメンバー
Badfinger - Say No More (1981)
Perfect (1985) - Soundtracks
   "Alone In The Dark"   Performed by Glenn Sherba and Diana Lehr   Written by Glenn Sherba
Perfect (1985)
Three Fugitives (1989) - Soundtracks
   "Living in the City"   Written and Performed by Gary Mallaber and Glenn Sherba
Three Fugitives (1989)
その後の Glenn Sherba は、名前を Glenn Sciurba (幼なじみがblogでこう書いていたから本名か?)に戻して活動しているようです。 1989年の Cher の If I Could Turn Back Time では Guitar [Additional] Glenn Sciurba です。
Glenn Sciurba
Alicia Morgan - Think About Elvis (1992)   Glenn Sciurba (g)

Glenn "Tex Burbank" Sciurba & Colleen "Yolanda Bluegrass" Kennedy [Stars of Rhodesia] (2011)
aka Tex Burbank
Tex Burbank
Tex & Yo [Tex Burbank & Yolonda Bluegrass] (2013)

Tex & Yo (2013)
その他では、 Travis Bean Guitars 関係で Glenn Sciurba の名前が出てきます。
Travis hand carving the top for the prototype wedge (#1 stamped on the headstock?) which he made for Glenn Sciurba. Glenn was a wunderkind guitarist in TB's band, FLYER. 
Production line wedge #41, also for Glenn, was signed by Travis, Marc, Obe & me.
TB3000 #41
Inscribed by all the Bean employees and signed to "Glenn Sciurba".
Dated - April 1977.
he was selling Travis Bean's classic plexiglass guitars to the Rolling Stones.
(Glenn は) one time played with the Stones before they got Ronnie Wood
Tex & Yo の Bio に
He also has some great stories of time spent earlier in his career with The Rolling Stones