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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Aimee Mann - Baby Blue (1993)

Aimee Mann - Baby Blue (1993) 

1993/05/31   CDS   Imago:72787-25032-2     i should've known / take it back / Baby Blue [Peter Ham] [Producer: Jon Brion] 
Aimee Mann - Imago 72787-25032-2 b
1993/11/22   CDS   Imago:72787-25052-2     stupid thing / Baby Blue / the other end (of the telescope)(live) / say anything (live) 
Aimee Mann - Imago 72787-25052-2 b
1993/   CD Maxi   Imago:IM 28061-2-DJ     say anything (edit) / say anything (LP version) / say anything (Acoustic version) / jimmy hoffa jokes / Baby Blue 
Aimee Mann - Imago IM 28061-2-DJ a

[various artists]  Come And Get It - A Tribute To Badfinger 
1996/10/01   CD   Copper:CPR 2181     9. Baby Blue - Aimee Mann 

Come and Get It
 Susanna Hoffs - Name of the Game (feat. Aimee Mann) (2021) 


Paranoid Lovesick - Icicles (1996)

Paranoid Lovesick - Icicles [Joey Molland] 

Bill Stone (v,g) 
John Potwora (d) 
Kurt Maracz (b) 
Rick McBrien (g) d.2003 
[various artists]  Come And Get It - A Tribute To Badfinger 
1996/10/01   CD   Copper:CPR 2181     20. Icicles - Paranoid Lovesick 
Come and Get It
Paranoid Lovesick  / Suburban Pop Allegro 
2009/   CD   Paranoid Lovesic:PL 2001-003 / FMCD003     16. Icicles 
Paranoid Lovesick - Suburban Pop Allegro


P. Hux - Perfection (1996)

P. Hux - Perfection (1996) 
[various artists]  Come And Get It - A Tribute To Badfinger 
1996/10/01   CD   Copper:CPR 2181     2. Perfection - P. Hux 
Come and Get It
P. Hux / Tracks & Treasure Volume 1 
2011/   CD   Nine18 Records:     3. Perfection 
P Hux - Tracks & Treasure Volume 1


Cotton Mather - Flying (1996/Live)

Cotton Mather - Flying [T. Evans - J. Molland] 

[various artists]  Come And Get It - A Tribute To Badfinger 
1996/10/01   CD   Copper:CPR 2181     4. Flying - Cotton Mather 
Come and Get It

1999/02/08   CDS   Rainbow Quartz:RQTZ 022     3. Flying 
Cotton Mather - RQTZ 022


Bill Lloyd - Lonely You (1996)

Bill Lloyd - Lonely You [P. Ham] 
[various artists]  Come And Get It - A Tribute To Badfinger 
1996/10/01   CD   Copper:CPR 2181     10. Lonely You - Bill Lloyd 
Come and Get It
Bill Lloyd / All In One Place - A Collection 
2001/04/   CD   Whole In One:     13. Lonely You 
Bill Lloyd All In One Place - A Collection
13. "Lonely You"  (Ham)
Originally on the Badfinger tribute cd on the Copper label out of Houston, Texas.  They managed to get a really great group of folks on that CD.  Like most all of the tribute records and compilations that these tracks were originally on, they've been out of print or not available for awhile.  Marc Owens played drums for me on this one and I did the rest at home.  Brad Jones was nice enough to mix it for me at he and Robin Eaton's Alex The Great studio.  The arrangement here reminds me more of a crunchy Big Star or dB's than Badfinger. 
Bill Lloyd / Lloyd-Ering 
2016/04/22   CD   Spyderpop:     3. Lonely You 
Bill Lloyd Lloyd-Ering
In addition to his consistently swell original compositions, Lloyd has contributed plenty of ace tracks to various tribute discs over the years, and SpyderPop Records collects most of ’em on the new, 12-track collection titled Lloydering. With the exception of one previously unreleased tune from 2013 – a lovely reading of the Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Coconut Grove” – these covers were all originally released between the years 1990 and 2005, mainly on small, independent labels. As the bulk of the tributes from whence Lloydering’s tracks came are long out of print, this collection is a most welcome treat. -


The Bird - Take It All (2002)

The Bird - Take It All [Pete Ham]
     Frank Barajas (v), Mike Fishell (g,k,perc), Jeff Maulhardt (b)
2002/04/15   CD   Phantom Records:CD0001     Remembering Badfinger     9.Take It All 
Remembering Badfinger (2002)
Frank Barajas - Alone (2008)   Litte Red Corvette (2008)   Better Times Better Days (2008)
Frank Barajas
Frank Barajas - It's Only Love (2014)

The Corsican Brothers Band     Frank Barajas (v,g), JD Wolff (d), Nigel Taylor (d)
Baby Fades into Black (2010)

The Girl Who Radiates That Charm (2010)

Mike Fishell - One After 909 (2010)
Mike Fishell
Fish Fry - Come Together R U Experienced (2010)
Mike Fishell & John Welborn, guitar & vocals
Roy Fishell, keyboards
Miles Fishell, drums
Nathan Selfridge, bass
Jeffrey Wayne Maulhardt
Jeffrey Wayne Maulhardt

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