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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Newspaper] Tuscaloosa News (May 18, 1979)

The Tuscaloosa News (May 18, 1979)
     Badfinger strives to revive prowess   by Sally Rayl
The Tuscaloosa News (May 18, 1979) a
The Tuscaloosa News (May 18, 1979) b
他紙でも 文章は全く同じで、タイトルや配置が違うものを多数確認。Rolling Stone誌が地方紙に配信しているのかも。 後に Rolling Stone #293 (June 14, 1979) にも掲載された。 
Rolling Stone #293 (June 14, 1979) 
Badfinger's return: a long and winding road   by Salley Rayl   本誌だけ Salley Rayl 
Iowa City Press-Citizen (May 16, 1979)  [Iowa City, Iowa] 
Badfinger's re-formation could be a re-success   by Sally Rayl   地方紙は全部 Sally Rayl 
The San Bernardino County Sun (May 16, 1979)  [San Bernardino, California] 
Badfinger back together with classic British pop   by Sally Rayl 
The Jackson Sun (May 18, 1979)  [Jackson, Tennessee] 
Badfinger fights memories to regroup   by Sally Rayl 
The Jackson Sun May 18, 1979
Chillicothe Gazette (May 19, 1979)  [Chillicothe, Ohio] 
Badfinger back together   by Sally Rayl 
Lansing State Journal (May 19, 1979)  [Lansing, Michigan] 
Badfinger booms back   by Sally Rayl 
Asbury Park Press (May 20, 1979)  [Asbury Park, New Jersey] 
Badfinger, A Reunion That Can't Fail   by Sally Rayl 
Asbury Park Press May 20, 1979
Daily Record (May 20, 1979)  [Morristown, New Jersey] 
Badfinger A Natural For '79 Marketplace   by Sally Rayl 
Daily Record May 20, 1979
Press and Sun-Bulletin (May 20, 1979)  [Binghamton, New York] 
Badfinger puts the Beatles behind it   by Sally Rayl 
Press and Sun-Bulletin May 20, 1979
The Times (May 20, 1979)  [Shreveport, Louisiana] 
Badfinger back again   by Sally Rayl 
The Orlando Sentinel (May 23, 1979)  [Orlando, Florida] 
Badfinger reunion produces 'Airwaves'   by Sally Rayl 
The Orlando Sentinel May 23, 1979
Philadelphia Daily News (September 29, 1979)  [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] 
Bad times Are Over for Badfinger   by Sally Rayl 
The Journal News (October 4, 1979)  [White Plains, New York] 
'Badfinger' regroups out of Beatles' shadow   by Sally Rayl 


[Newspaper] Newspaper Enterprise Association (1970)

NEA:   Newspaper Enterprise Association
     Youth Beat  the national report on what's happening   by Roger Doughty
The Tuscaloosa News (Dec 8, 1970)
Young Living '70 (December 2, 1970) New York 
Hope Star (Dec. 4, 1970) Hope, Arkansas
Argus-Press (Dec. 5, 1970) Owosso, Michigan 
Grand Prairie Daily News (Dec. 8, 1970) Grand Prairie, Texas
Irving Daily News (Dec. 8, 1970) Irving, TexasIssue
The Jackson Sun (Dec. 8, 1970) Jackson, Tennessee
The Tuscaloosa News (Dec. 8, 1970) Tuscaloosa, Alabama 
The Lowell Sun (Dec. 9, 1970) Lowell, Massachusetts
Springfield Union (Dec. 10, 1970) Springfield, Massachusetts 
The Daily Sentinel (Dec. 11, 1970) Woodstock, Illinois
The Danville Register (Dec. 11, 1970) Danville, Virginia
The Evening Sun (Dec. 11, 1970) Hanover, Pennsylvania 
News-Press (Dec. 11, 1970) Fort Myers, Florida
The Waxahachie Daily Light (Dec. 11, 1970) Waxahachie, Texas
Muncie Evening Press (Dec. 12, 1970) Muncie, Indiana
The Republic (Dec. 12, 1970) Columbus, Indiana
The Town Talk (Dec. 12, 1970) Alexandria, Louisiana
Brownwood Bulletin (Dec. 13, 1970) Brownwood, Texas 
The Odessa American (Dec. 13, 1970) Odessa, Texas
The Daily Times-News (Dec. 14, 1970) Burlington, North Carolina
The Courier News (Dec. 15, 1970) Blytheville, Arkansas
Gadsden Times (Dec. 17, 1970) Gadsden, Alabama 
The Daily Inter Lake (Dec. 18, 1970) Kalispell, Montana
Playground Daily News (Dec. 18, 1970) Fort Walton Beach, Florida 
The Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Dec. 19, 1970) Corpus Christi, Texas
The Kokomo Tribune (Dec. 26, 1970) Kokomo, Indiana
Beckley Post-Herald The Raleigh Register (January 3, 1971)Beckley, West Virginia
以上を確認。 他にもいっぱいありそう。

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