ASCAP registered songs of Pete Ham were 159, at the time released "Keyhole Street Demos". But recently increased to 196 songs. Registration date is unknown, but 37 songs have been registered together at the same time.   * 13 song titles had been introduced by "Without You The Tragic Story of Badfinger" 
Are You Ready 
Are You Satisfied 
Army Man 
Blame the Devils* 
I Can Be 
I Don't Need a Reason Why 
I was So Foolish 
I'm Just a Hermit* 
I'm Only Human* 

It's Getting Hot in Here 
Join the Family 

Let the Sun Shine Through 

Let's Get Together 
Little Lady 
Little Mary* 
Look Around 
Love Will Be* 
Man Without a Heart*   Without You The Tragic Story of Badfinger 2nd edition 
May Blues* 
Monday Morning Blues* 


Our Song 
Papers on the Table 
Rock and Roll 
Rusty Sundy    PledgeMusic deleted 

Scarlett Willow* 
Something on My Mind 

Songs of Nature 
Take Me Back*   PledgeMusic deleted 
Things are Really Getting Tight* 

Think It Over 

Tulip*   YouTube 

We Gotta Make Our Minds Up 

We've All Got Something to Hide 
What Can We Do 

 Kent Gray 

 [ASCAP] Tom Evans: joint work with Rod Roach