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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Preet Raj Singh - Without You (1997)

Preet Raj Singh - Without You 
Preet Raj Singh / Listen to My Heart 
1997/   Archies Music:     9. Without You 
Preet Raj Singh - Listen to My Heart


Pete Campbell - Without You (1978)

Pete Campbell - Without You [P. Ham - T. Evans]

1978/   7"   BB Records:BB0030   Without You b/w i'll always love you   [prod. arr. Bill Campbell]
Pete Campbell - BB0030 r


Rudy Grant - Without You (1982)

Rudy Grant - Without You [P. Ham - T. Evans] 
1982/   7"   ICE:SAR 001     Without You 3:06 b/w Ebony and Ivory  [prod. Eddy Grant, Bill Campbell] 
Rudy Grant - SAR 001 r1
1982/    7"   ICE:ICE 55     Without You b/w Is This Love  [prod. Eddy Grant, Bill Campbell] 
Rudy Grant - Without You ICE 55 r1
Rudy Grant / Reggae and Soca for Lovers Vol. 2 
19**/   LP   Seara Records:SEA4LP     Side:1-5. Without You  [prod. Rudy Grant] [Mixed: Eddy Grant] 
[Backing Vocals: Rosemary Hibbert, Doreen Henry] [Synthesizer: Eddy Grant, Errol Reid] 
Rudy Grant Reggae and Soca for Lovers Vol 2 b
Rudy Grant Reggae and Soca for Lovers Vol 2 r1
Rudy Grant Reggae and Soca for Lovers Vol 2 a
Rudy Grant / Pop Masters: We Gonna Jam 
2005/11/18   CD   Carinco AG:     15. Without You 4:34 
Rudy Grant - Pop Masters We Gonna Jam


Zagada - Without You (1980s)

Zagada - Without You [P. Ham - T. Evens
     [arr. prod: Ben E. Stick & Zagada] 
Zagada - The Zagada and Fans r1

Ben E. Stick & Zagada / Special 
198*/   LP   Vasko:VSK LP005     Side:2-3. With Out You 
198*/   LP   AJB Records:AJB 1004/ZA 004     Side:2-3. With Out You 
Zagada - Special r2
Zagada - Special b
Zagada - Special a
Zagada / The Zagada and Fans 
198*/   12"   AJB Records:AJB 1001/ZA 001     Side:1-2. Without You Zagada - The Zagada and Fans b
Zagada - The Zagada and Fans a
Ben E. Stick = A. Benjamin “Stick”:  vocal 
B. McQueen:  organ, piano 
Kelly Williams:  guitar 
Sylvester Emmanuel:  bass 
Ivan “Stroking”:  trumpet 
Julius Francis:  drums, vocals 
Jim George:  drums 


Ricardo Luz - Without You

Ricardo Luz - Without You 

Ricardo Luz a
Ricardo Luz b


Karumanta - Without You (2002)

Karumanta - Without You [Willson
   [Arranged by Karumanta] [Producer: Eduardo Navidad Gonzales] 
Performer: Eduardo Navidad Gonzales, Luis Gonzales Reyes, Vlado Urlich Espinoza 
Karumanta Without You c
Karumanta / Without You 
2002/   CD   Gemecs:E.I. 359-CD     3. Without You 
Karumanta Without You a
Karumanta Without You b
Karumanta Without You r

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