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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Bill & Boyd - Without You (1982)

Bill & Boyd - Without You [Ham - Evans]
     [arranged and produced by Doug Trevor] 
Bill & Boyd - LP r2
Bill & Boyd / Dreamin' 18 All Time Greats 
1982/03   LP   J&B:JB 101     Side:2-2. Without You 
Bill & Boyd - LP a

1982/03   cass   J&B:JB 101C     Side:1-9. Without You 
Bill & Boyd - cass b
Bill & Boyd - cass a


Frank Mills - Without You (1981)

Frank Mills - Without You [Evans & P.W. Hamm
[Produced by Frank Mills] [Co-producer: Hayward Parrott] 
Frank Mills - ST-6488 r1
Frank Mills / Prelude to Romance  LP/cassette 
1981/   LP   Capitol:ST-6488     Side:1-5. Without You 
Frank Mills - ST-6488 a
Frank Mills - ST-6488 b
1981/   cass   Capitol:4XT-6488     Side:1-5. Without You 
Frank Mills - 4XT-6488 cass
Frank Mills - 4XT-6488 cass r1
Frank Mills / Prelude to Romance ロマンスへの前奏曲  LP/cassette 
1981/   LP   Polydor:28MM0112     Side:1-5. Without You 
Frank Mills - 28MM0112 a
Frank Mills - 28MM0112 b
1981/   cass   Polydor:28CM0112     Side:1-5. Without You 
Frank Mills / Prelude to Romance  CD 
2004/   CD   Capitol:C2 97567     5. Without You 
Frank Mills - 2004CD a
Frank Mills - 2004CD b
Frank Mills - 2004CD r
2012/   CD   Capitol:C2 97567     5. Without You 
Frank Mills - 2012CD a
Frank Mills - 2012CD b
Frank Mills / Prelude to Romance  Digital 
2007/   Digital   Digitalpressure/Peter Piper Music:     5. Without You 
Frank Mills - Prelude to Romance 2007 digital


Vincent Niclo - Without You (2016)

Vincent Niclo - Without You [Pete Ham - Tom Evans] 
2016/10/14   French TV Show "300 Choeurs pour + de vie" 

Vincent Niclo / 5.Ø [Édition Collector]  (12 songs + 2 bonus) 
2016/12/02   CD   TF1 Musique:889853 944224     14. Without You 
Vincent Niclo - Edition Collector b
Vincent Niclo - Edition Collector a
Vincent Niclo / 5.Ø  (12 songs) 
2016/09/23  CD   TF1 Musique:889853 60292     not included 
Vincent Niclo not included
2017/08/26   "Nuits des Choeurs 2017" 



David Brookings and the Average Lookings - Without You (2019)

David Brookings and the Average Lookings - Without You 

David Brookings
[various artists] Superhits of the Seventies - Super Hit Tsunami! 
2019/03   CD   Mike-Shell:     4. Without You - David Brookings 
David Brookings - Superhits of the Seventies b
David Brookings - Superhits of the Seventies a
David Brookings and the Average Lookings / Scorpio Monologue 
2019/04/19   CDr   Byar Records:BR008     11. Without You 
David Brookings & the Average Lookings - Scorpio Monologue
Guitar, Vocals – David Brookings 
Guitar, Vocals – Patrick Yoho 
Drums, Vocals – Horst Govin 
Bass – Dan Erlewine 
Keyboards – Boris Burtin 
Producer – David Brookings, Don Budd 
Engineer – Don Budd 

---- What made you decide to include covers this time? You also covered Badfinger's "Without You." 
DB: "Without You" came out a month before the album, actually. We were asked to be on a cover album of '70s power pop songs. I love Badfinger, and I was really happy with how we covered that song. So, I thought, why not put it on the album? You know, we usually play covers pretty straight — pretty true to the original. I really felt like with "North Country" we put our own spin on it. 


Vocalis - Without You (2003)

Vocalis - Without You [H. Nilsson] 
   [Producer: Michael H. Kuhn] 
not-Nilsson Vocalis 2003
Vocalis / Spurensuche 
2003/   CD   House of Audio:878.249     3. Without You (OpenAir) 
Vocalis - Spurensuche b
Vocalis - Spurensuche r
Vocalis - Spurensuche a
solo: Martina Lener-Kuhn​ 
Drums: Thomas Wolf 
Electric Bass: Florian Küsters 


Deborah Sasson - Without You (1996)

Deborah Sasson - Without You [Harry Edward Nilsson
   [Arranged by Jürgen Fritz] 
Deborah Sasson Without You c
Deborah Sasson / Without You 
1996/04/13   CD   LaserLight Digital:16 161     1. Without You 
Deborah Sasson Without You b
Deborah Sasson Without You a
Deborah Sasson Without You r
Soprano Vocals: Deborah Sasson 
Conductor: Peter Falk 
Orchestra: New Classical Ensemble 
Keyboards: Jürgen Fritz 

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