Wurst Thumb
A Q&A with Noodles from Offspring ahead of Vegas show 
Tell me about Wurst Thumb. Is that a real thing, or is that just you goofing? 
It‘€™s just a goof really, but it was something (where) I was listening to KROQ, and the guy who walks the movie beat is Ralph Garman, and he‘s a funny guy. I‘€™ve met him a few times when we‘€™ve done Kevin & Bean. So he was talking about how he wanted to do a Badfinger cover band, and he wanted to call it Wurst Thumb.

I‘m friends with the producer there, Chip, and I was just getting ready to go surfing and I was cracking up. He was talking about doing this Wurst Thumb. So I spelled it like you would a German sausage Würst Thumb, right. ......