Yellow Pills #2 (1992)? 
Yellow Pills #2 badfinger
Yellow Pills #8 (1997)? 
   Mike Gibbins interview 
Yellow Pills #8 Badfinger
The Yellow Pills Book  by Jordan Oakes 
   collects all nine issues of the long-out-of-print fanzine and adds some new content 
The Yellow Pills Book by Jordan Oakes
 "Everybody’s Feeling Groovy" - The Jordan Oakes Interview 

JO: Three power-pop albums: Wish You Were Here — Badfinger; No. 1 Record — Big Star; Tongue Twister — Shoes. Power-pop songs: Probably “Go All the Way” — Raspberries; “Some Sing Some Dance” — Pagliaro; and “Forget All About It” by Nazz. 
 Melody Not Mayhem - A Power Pop Retrospective