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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


I did audition for Badfinger when I was a drummer

Joey Howard 
Joey Howard
I did audition for Badfinger when I was a drummer. I got down to the last two when their original drummer was reinstated! 
Joey began his career as a drummer in the 1970s and recorded material with British rock band Badfinger of the Beatles' Apple label. He also supported popular acts such as The Everly Brothers and The Partridge Family. 
With a wealth of experience spanning from 1970 when Joey turned professional as a drummer with a seven piece comedy showband to recording with the Beatles first popgroup 'Bad Finger', Joey's career has been to say the least 'colourful' as a comedian and musician.

In the early days he worked throughout Europe, supporting stars such as 'The Everley Brothers' and 'The Partridge Family'. Having a unique 'gift' to make people laugh, the drums soon took a back seat as Joey moved to centre stage with numerous comedy acts before finally going solo in 1982.

From the Northern clubland circuit in Yorkshire where Joey was born, he served his apprenticeship in 'The Lion's Den' as the gladiator and matured into one of Britain's top comedy shows winning numerous national variety awards.

His one man show of standup, routines, sketches, impressions and music has been enjoyed by thousands of admiring audiences over the last 25 years appealing to the young and old alike.
So if you're looking for a comedian to have you rolling in your seats with laughter, contact us now to check Joey's availability!
Joey started his show-biz career in the early 70's playing drums in a seven-piece show-band. It wasn't too long before he ventured front-stage, testing his comedy antics on delighted audiences. It soon became clear that his skill was in 'the art of laughter', he went to learn his craft... 



David Booker / I was set for an audition with The Iveys

David Booker / I was Born to do this Left-Handed
Audition for The Iveys
(they told me I had the gig—one more guy to see, it was Joey Molland)
The Iveys were a Liverpool band; their bass player had left when they all decided to come to London to sign with Apple, The Beatles’ label. My audition went well and they said, "You are the only bass player who can sing harmonies. Looks like you got the gig."
They played me a song called Come And Get It—a catchy pop tune.
They said, "We have a guaranteed hit here; we have one more guy to check out." His name happened to be Joey Molland, a McCartney look-alike. So that was that, no gig for yours truly. Within weeks, the record was a huge hit and the band now was known as Badfinger.
David Bowker
当時は David Bowker と名乗っていたみたいです。
Mr. David Booker and the Swingtet - TV Mama (Oct, 2013)

Mr. David Booker and the Swingtet - Rainy Night in Georgia (Nov, 2013)

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