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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[RR Auction] Badfinger Set of (5) Signed Checks (Feb 09 - 16, 2017)

Auction opens Feb 09, 2017 & ends Feb 16, 2017
#7227 - Badfinger Set of (5) Signed Checks (check#490,726,822,823,860)
#7227 - Badfinger Set of (5) Signed Checks
Description                           Estimate: $1,000+          
Set of five Badfinger Enterprises checks, each 8.25 x 3, filled out in another hand and signed by manager Stan Polley, individually made payable to Joseph Molland, Peter Ham, Michael Gibbons, Thomas Evans, and manager William Collins, with each recipient endorsing the reverse, dated between 1972 and 1974. In overall fine condition. 
その後、2017年6月に全く同じものが Heritage Auctions にも登場。 
Entertainment, Music & Posters Auction #7161 
LOT #89559 Badfinger Group of Member-Signed Checks (1972/74).... 
Badfinger Group of Member-Signed Checks (1972/74). Five checks total, all from the National Bank of North America, each signed/endorsed by the payee in ink on the verso. One made out to each member of the most famous lineup of the British Rock band, including the late Pete Ham (Jan. 1974, for $1000.00), late bassist Tom Evans (May 1974, for $1500.00), Joey Molland (May 1974, for $1500.00), and drummer Mike Gibbins (Oct. 1974, for $1500.00). The fifth check, dated November 22, 1972 is made out for four hundred dollars, to Badfinger's manager, Bill Collins. All checks exhibit regular stamps and cancellation marks, and measure approximately 8.25" x 3.25". 
同種の Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. の Signed Checks は時々オークションに出てきて、2004年に出品された5枚セット(check#642,652,690,691,692)は 
[autograph] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. 

[Airwaves] Hand Signed by 3 Original Members - Read True Story

まず最初に Tom からサインをもらう。 "Stuart, Thanks, Tom Evans"
Tony Kaye からもサインをもらう。 [サインした場所を考えると、Tom よりも先に書いたのかも]
数年後 Joey にも追記してもらおうとしたら、Joey は Tony Kaye のサインを消してから "Fuck You Tony"
そして 右下の空欄に "I Love You, Joey Molland"
それから10数年後、Mike は "I've got it!" と言ってから
"You Suck, You Cunts, Mike Gibbins" とサイン。

左上の Tony Kay と その下の Tom はペンが細い。たぶんそれと同時(Tom の直前?)に右上にも誰か書いている?


[RR Auction/autograph] The Iveys / Pete, Mike, Ron + Dai

#649 - Badfinger: The Iveys
Auction Date:
2015 Jan 14 @ 18:00 (UTC-5 : EST/CDT)
#649 - Badfinger The Iveys
Mike, Pete, and Ron signed circa 1968, with the Dai Jenkins signature added decades later (1999) through the mail. Accompanied by two handwritten letters from Jenkins, in part: 
“It was a privilege to play rhythm guitar with Pete in the swinging sixties. It seems like light years away now, but never the less I still have fond memories.”
Minimum Bid: $200.00 
Sold Price: $643.13 


[autograph] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc.

BBC 1973 やフジテレビのドキュメント番組の収録が終わった後、Ass が発売になる頃の signed bank checks。ファンへのサインと違って、Love xx Pete とか余分なサービスはせず Peter Ham,  Joseph Molland, Thomas Evans, Michael Gibbins と署名。 すべてに Stan Polley のおまけ 署名入り。 
BEI Pete

BEI Joey


BEI Mike

BEI Collins


[autograph] Badfinger plays Ovation "Day After Day"

Badfinger plays Ovation "Day After Day" 
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Love Joey, Tom Evans, Pete Ham, Mike
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